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Welcome to Tell us a little bit about yourself and your car if you'd like.
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New member from Missouri

Post by studjuice » Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:40 pm

Hello, I just bought a neon and so joined this forum.

It's a 96 model DOHC mtx and it's got a few problems I have questions about. First off, the speedo worked a little bit then got jumpy and quit by itself (sometimes it comes back). From what I read that's probably solder points. But later the entire instrument cluster failed also and sometimes come back so can that still be solder points or what?

Secondly, the third gear grinds a bit when I put it in gear. Not that much but it's enough to make me want to fix it. Is it possible to fix just the third gear by itself? The rest of the gears work fine... except possibly the fourth gear. Two or three times when I put it into fourth the engine made a bit of a jolt with almost a clunk sound. But those shifts were a bit harder than I usually do.

Lastly, after I parked with the car on it felt like the car was wobbling back and forth. I took a look at the engine and it was obvious that the engine is kinda moving around kinda rocking back and forth (enough to see, but I tried to get a video and its not visible in the video). Is this the motor mount? If so, what's involved with that?

I'm thinking that the jolt with a hard shift is related to the third problem with the possibly motor mount.

All in all, it's great fun to drive :) The interior and exterior need hella cleaning, and there is a hole in the dash that I need to fix. But I got it for $900 so I'm not complaining!

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Post by neonfighter86 » Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:17 pm

Welcome dude, and as far as the speedo I had the same problem,all I did was resoder them and they worked perfect after the second time.
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