96 neon sohc exhaust questions

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96 neon sohc exhaust questions

Post by Dreds » Wed Aug 10, 2016 1:06 am

I have a question about exhaust. I'm new to playing with computer controlled cars, so bear with me. So my question is, can I run long tube headers without a catalytic converter and a muffler without changing anything else? Does anyone know of any 4-2-1 headers? I know the "4-1 is better" rant. I get it, but they fit my driving style. I'm not trying to race it, just trying to squeeze some reasonable performance.

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Re: 96 neon sohc exhaust questions

Post by Bad97sohc » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:54 pm

Yes and No on the long tube header. If you take the cat off you will need a AF/X or Syked ECU so you want to see a check engine or service Engine light. Plus with the long tube you need other mods like Cold air intake aftermarket ECU and Cam. If your not out right racing your neon I would just get a short tube header or a 01 R/T header if you don't have any other mods I think those two short headers would be the best. I had the 01 SOHC R/T header ice man intake tube AF/X race ECU and the 01 R/T cam and a flowmaster on my 96 MTX and those things woke my 96 up and I was really pleased. I hope this helps
97 SOHC with a DOHC ATX iceman intake TTI longtube header underdrive pulley crane cams #14 AF/X Race Computer 10.5 DOHC pistons and a flowmaster. Coming this spring MTX swap new Syked ECU and a full make over on my 2.0 SOHC or do a 2.4 swap MTX and the 2.4 Sykes 2.4 ECU

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