1st gen DTC Definitions

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1st gen DTC Definitions

Post by infil » Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:37 pm

DTC Definition List - 95-99 Neon

Code /Definition
11 No distributor refrence signal detected during engine cranking. Check the circuit between the distributor and the pcm.
12 Battery has been disconnected within the last 50 key on cycles.
13 Indicates a problem with the MAP sensor vacum system.
14 MAP Sensor voltage too low or too high.
15 Problems with the Vehicle Speed Sensor signal. No Vehicle Speed Sensor signal detected during road load conditions.
17 Engine cold too long. Engine coolant temperature remains below normal operating temperatures during operation (check the thermostat).
21 Problem with oxygen sensor signal circuit. Sensor voltage to computer not fluctuating.
22 Coolant sensor voltage too high or too low. Test coolant temperature sensor.
23 Indicates that the air temperature sensor input is below the minimum acceptable voltage or sensor input is above the maximum acceptable voltage.
24 Throttle position sensor voltage high or low. Test the throttle position sensor
25 Idle Air Control (IAC) valve circuits. A shorted condition is detected in one or more of the IAC valve circuits or a vacum leak is detected.
27 One of the injector control circuit output drivers does not respond properly to the control signal. Check the circuits.
31 Problem with the canister purge solenoid circuit.
32 An open or shorted condition detected in the EGR solenoid circuit. Possible air/fuel ratio imbalance not detected during diagnosis
33 Air conditioning clutch relay circuit. An open or shorted condition detected in the compressor clutch relay circuit.
34 Open or shorted condition detected in the speed control vacum or vent solenoid circuits.
35 Open or shorted condition detected in the radiator fan low speed relay circuit.
37 An open or shorted condition detected in the torque converter part throttle unlock solenoid control circuit.
41 Problem with the charging system. An open or shorted condition detected in the generator field control circuit.
42 Fuel pump relay or auto shutdown relay(ASD) control circuit indicates an open or shorted circuit condition.
43 Multiple cylinder misfire detected. Peak primary circuit current not achieved with the maximum dwell time.
44 Battery temperature sensor volts malfunction. Problem with the battery temperature voltage circuit in the PCM.
46 Charging system voltage too high. Computer indicates that the battery voltage is not properly regulated.
47 Charging system voltage too low. Battery voltage sense input below target charging voltage during engine operation and no significant change in voltage detected during active test of alternator output.
51 Oxygen sensor signal input indicates lean fuel/air ratio condition during engine operation.
52 Oxygen sensor signal input indicates rich fuel/air ratio condition during engine operation.
53 Internal PCM failure detected.
54 No camshaft position sensor signal from distributor. Problem with the distributor synchronization circuit.
55 Completion of fault code display on CHECK ENGINE lamp. This is an end of message code.
62 Unsuccssful attempt to update EMR mileage in the controller EEPROM.
63 Controller failure. EEPROM write denied. Check the PCM
65 Power steering switch failure.
72 Catalytic converter efficiency failure. Catalyst efficiency below required level.
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Post by APN » Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:52 pm

21: Problem with upstream or downstream oxygen sensor. No activity on circuit.

Resolution: Check to make sure your wiring is not shorting out on anything; Replace the oxygen sensor. Tools needed; Adjustable wrench.
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Post by DMez » Thu Feb 22, 2007 12:14 am

no u dont need an adjustable wrench...either get the O2 sensor removal extension for your ratchet or use a 22mm wrench. I used the wrench with no problems...heat up your car and it makes it a bit easier, but beware of burns.
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