Cheap flights to Beijing

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Cheap flights to Beijing

Post by buzai232 » Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:03 am

Cheap flights to Beijing

Beijing is the capital of People’s Republic of China, an ancient city which still holds onto its traditions whilst hurtling towards ever increasing modernisation. Home to over 14 million people, Beijing is a fascinating blend of historical attractions, Chinese culture and non-stop construction and development.機票

Beijing boasts some of the world’s most interesting attractions including the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City (formerly Imperial Palace) as well as a wealth of palaces, temples, tombs and over 100 museums and parks and gardens.

There are a huge number of airlines which fly into China's capital Beijing from virtually every corner of the globe. If you're originating in the UK and would like the convenience of direct flights, both Air China and British Airways operate direct services.
One of Beijing’s most visited attractions is the Forbidden City so called because it was out of bounds to visitors for over 500 years. This huge palace complex has almost 10,000 rooms and was home to many Chinese emperors and was the centre of power for the whole of China.

Arguably the best collection of preserved historic buildings in China, the Forbidden City boasts beautiful gardens and pavilions and overlooks Tiananmen Square. China’s most famous and incredible attraction is the Great Wall of China which is visible from Space. Stretching from Liaoning province through to the Gobi Desert, the origins of The Great Wall date back to almost 200BC.

Originally built to keep out undesirables, the wall was mainly used to transport equipment and people across the difficult terrain and to pass on messages regarding advancing enemies. Another must-see attraction in Beijing is the Summer Palace, an imperial retreat away from the summer heat of the city and a stunning collection of royal gardens, temples, bridges, lakes and pavilions.

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