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Build Checklist....

Post by Neons n stuff » Wed Oct 30, 2013 6:14 pm

Okay so I bought my 98 r/t last summer , which is my 3rd neon so far and i love it. Ended up putting on the whole srt4 "turbo kit" which i thought was a fun little project. Still having some fuel problems with that but when it is working its amazing, even with only 5lbs of boost ! So now winters here and i've decided to go another step...a pretty big one.

Here's the plans:

-Junkyard 2.4 out of whatever I can find.
-Rebuilding it with the full 2.4 kit from modern performance. Including JE pistons .020 over with 8.5:1 comp & eagle rods
-Planning on using the (supposedly) p&p head that is currently on my 2.0
-Crower stage 3 cams with springs and retainers
-MPx Adjustable cam gears
-Either a jeep or atx throttle body
-Clutchmaster Stage 3 modular clutch
-ARP Head studs & Rod bolts
-Then swapping all of my SRT turbo stuff over onto the 2.4 block
-Already have a walbro 255 fuel pump and stage 0 injectors that i assume should keep up just fine.
-Planning on running a AEM FIC o2 clamp, map clamp, fuel, and timing

I believe thats everything on the list besides the gauges and motor mounts. I was just wondering what you guys think a setup like this would be putting down ? Maybe if you had a setup similar you can let me know how it worked out. Or if anyone has any opinions on part choices i'd be more then happy to hear the pros and cons of everything. Even more then that, what am i forgetting ? Don't want to throw this together and find out i forgot something stupid that ends up ruining my whole build haha. Thanks for any help !

Oh and fuel ! How do you feel about E85 ? Its all over around here and i'm really not worried about mileage.

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