Front subframe damage and rebuild

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Front subframe damage and rebuild

Post by Spacer » Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:34 am

Firstoff, new to the forum, but not first gen neons. This thread will be the journal for my rebuild project code name zombieneon.

This car is my second first gen neon (never owned a 2gn and never will). I love the look and the fact that whena motor is built right it will last. Everything else about these cars is up to debate.

I recently hit a storm drain/curb after hot dogging the car on an access road. Had just aligned the vehicle after replacing all the suspension , tie rod ends, ball joints, sway bar end links and bushings. Had no vehicle speed sensor at the time, but I was almost at the top of third when I saw the stop sign.

Needless to say I was going way to damn fast, locked up and slammed up over the curb (no damage to the body panels) and landed in a residential yard, between the mailbox and street sign.

Had the car towed out, bent both wheels, snapped the brand new struts, and I could see the passengers side half shaft dangling as the wrecker lifted the car. Passengers side wheel looked pressed against the back of the wheel well. Upon inspection, the a-arm was curled against the cross member... It looked terminal.

I will add pics of current damage and pics of new parts as the project progresses.

Huge shout out to northern for the hookup and help in finding a new subframe assembly that is almost totally complete with all the parts.

Until the next update, happy n00bing!

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