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Fuel pump ?

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:07 am
by vielecustoms
I have a 99 neon with a plastic tank and non servicable filter / pump. I have a earlier style (96) metal tank, new pump, and new external filter. can I use the pump / filter setup on the 99? will it work with the plastic tank or am I going to have to swap the metal one?

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:28 am
by Bzevey
pretty sure you have to swap tanks...although i could be wrong

Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:55 am
by heytherehonda
if you swap the whole tanks out you'll be good. i switched a plastic tank from a 98 into my 96. tank, fuel pump, and all. just be careful not to lose the big gasket that is usually dry rotted when you open the fuel pump. my 96 i just bought in january sat in the woods at the previous owners house for a year so when i bought it i took the fuel pump out, and cleaned the tank.

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:19 pm
by Echoalpha23
heytherehonda wrote:if you swap the whole tanks out you'll be good. .
+1 the whole units are a direct swap!

Chipping or Pitching?

Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 4:10 am
by obasam99
Chipping or Pitching?
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