Half Baked Fender Removal How To

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Half Baked Fender Removal How To

Post by metal_gear_jon » Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:08 am

This is from memory, with a pic I took last summer so here goes....

1. Remove 4 torx screws ( I think they're T20's ) from end of bumper cover. This will help you gain access to the side fender bolt. Plus they hold on to the fender liner.

2. Remove inner fender liner. You can cut the clips if you want to if you have new ones, or just be really careful with pliers or even side cutters. Plus if your car has the 98 up mudflaps still on it, remove the torx screws and the 10 mm bolt that holds it on the bottom of the fender. If you have the older style rock shields, remove them too.

3. There is the piece of plastic that holds the bumper cover in place with the fender. I can't rember right now if it bolts on , or just slides off, so just remove it. (it's near the #7 in the picture)

4. Loosen the headlight. I know you don't want to, but behind it is one of the fender bolts. Two 10mm bolts on top and those PITA ones that hold the marker light end to the body. You can just loosen these a little to be able to move the headlamp forward. Don't for get about the bolt on the plastic grill.

5. If this is the passenger side remove the antenna with a 8mm wrench.

6. The following is the location of all of the bolts that hold the fender on....


#3 open your door to see it. #6 you have to get at from inside the wheel well. #8 is right behind the head light.

7. assembly is reverse of procedure, but take care when hanging the fender back one to make sure it's lined up properly.
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Post by Ianguilly » Sun Dec 06, 2009 12:55 pm

Thanks just wat i needed
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