Engine diagnostics revisited

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Engine diagnostics revisited

Post by roysneon » Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:45 pm

Since Skill decided to remove his how-to...

This video is me checking the codes on my 98 Neon. The codes that show up are:

12 (battery disconnected in the last 50 key cycles)

32 (egr malfunction)

55 (end of codes)

As shown in the video, take the key from "off" position, to ingition on (not enough to start the engine). Then back (not enough to need to push the release button) go from the off to on position three times in six seconds. The Check Engine Light will then flash on and off. Code 12 will show up as:

*Flash* pause *Flash**Flash* long pause -> Next code.

The video shows it much better than I could explain it, so here it is.


I'm not going to post what all of the codes mean, they're readily avaliable on the internet via a simple google search. The only way for me to post the codes would be to copy and paste them from someone else's how-to. If I get a 97-99 FSM I'll post all o the codes straight from the FSM's. Untill then, just f'in google it. :P

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