How-To DIY ALC/METH/H2O Injection.....

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How-To DIY ALC/METH/H2O Injection.....

Post by 6(sic)6 » Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:21 am

Found those sites wile trying to find a part number for a Shurflo pump, and they helped out alot.

I loosely Followed this how-to to run an alc/water injection set-up on my neon.

I ended up only having to buy the pump, a check valve, and a Hobbs switch for a total cost of about $130. The hose, fittings, tank and misc parts I already had laying around from other projects. I managed to find a BOX of diff sized nozzles at work witch cost me nothing at all.

Iam now able to pull WAY less timming and make more SAFE

The schematic from an above link
^ That shows a water solenoid. I just used a check valve in place of that. It seems to work just as good and the pump itself seals up real well.

Another pic from an above link. This is essentially all you need to round up for this "kit" minus a tank
Thought maybe this could help out another fellow gear head save some coin.


A few pics I have as of now.

I actually got this tank from walmart years ago for about $5
I mounted the pump where part of my AC stuff went
SuperCharged SOHC ... highlight=
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