How To: 2.4 Swap Injectors and Coil Pack Help.

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How To: 2.4 Swap Injectors and Coil Pack Help.

Post by CodeBlue92089 » Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:14 pm

There are just a couple of modifications you have to make to the harness.
There are two ways to do this. You can modify the harness connectors, or modify the wires at the PCM connection. I will outline how to modify the harness connectors. Do some research if you would like to do it the other way.

Coil Pack Wiring:

Ok On your 2.4 Coil Pack Plug there is 3 wires coming out of plug. The Middle one Green with the Orange Tracer. You leave that one ALONE !! That's the 12 Volt Plug.
The 2 out side pins you need to SWITCH around. So if the Black with Gray pin is on the Left side, you need to witch it to the right side.


Injector Connections , Here we go.

The Number 2 injector plug needs to go on the Number 1 Injector. The Number 3 Plug needs to go on Number 2 injector. Number 4 Plug needs to go on the number 3 injector. 1 One Injector plug needs to be extended to fit on Number 4 injector.
More How To's coming soon.
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