Timing belt install (New trick for an old dog)

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Timing belt install (New trick for an old dog)

Post by Daarkwind » Fri May 18, 2007 12:50 pm

We all know the procedure for installing the timing belt from the service manuals that are out there. After talking to a BANEON friend he told me about a different way to do the install.

1. After making sure you are at TDC and removing the old belt, set your cam gears as close to perfect as possible.

2. Starting at the left side of the exhaust gear put on the new timing belt and feed it across to the intake gear. Now make your adjustments to cam gear position with an 18mm wrench to get the gears to line up perfectly. You will have to remove the intake side once or twice and move both gears to line them up.

3. After you get them right, check for tension, if there is any slack you have to do it again. If you have full tension then you are golden.

4. Run the belt over the idler pulley and water pump. Set the crank to 3 teeth BTDC and put the belt around the sprocket. Tighten the belt by turning to TDB but also holding a 18mm wrench on the intake sprocket, this will make it so the cams will not turn.

5. After you take out all the slack check for TDC.
a. If you are TDC then move on to setting tension.
b. If you are not at TDC follow this procedure. Set the bottom sprocket for the number of teeth you are off, feed the belt back on and remove slack as before. As an example: if you are off 1.5 teeth then do the math. 3 - 1.5 = 1.5 Pull the belt off the bottom sprocket and recheck your cam alignment to be safe.

6. Set belt tension following the specific instructions for either the hydraulic or mechanical tension device.

7. Rotate the engine by had through a few revolutions back to TDC and check your cam timing.
a. If it comes back to TDC with perfect cam alignment, button her up and give it the run test.

b. If you are not perfect then go back to step 3, but mark your cam gears and timing belt for reference of how much of a change is needed.

8. Enjoy driving your car.
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Post by lexxerd » Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:18 pm

Good Write up. Thanks.

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