How-To: Ghetto WOT mod for stretched Throttle Cables

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How-To: Ghetto WOT mod for stretched Throttle Cables

Post by dawm » Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:39 pm

this is an old one i have over on neontuners.
While doing the Mopar Combustion Cleaner process i noticed an aweful lot of slack on my throttle cable, i looked in the cabin and noticed that the accel pedal could sit higher if i either shorten'd the cable or made a bushing to take up the slack. While thinking about this i wedged a heavy ass brick on the pedal so it rested on the floor (WOT). Then i looked at the TB/Cable and noticed the butterfly could still move farther WOT. So i decided to make a ghetto mod to obtain this "True" WOT.

Ghetto WOT bushing Mod

I took some 3/8" (9.5mm) Fuel/Vaccumm hose that we used to make a DIY Catch can on the srt4, cut it to about the height of a 20oz bottle cap. Then I cut it length-wise so i could slide it over the throttle cable wire (without having to remove the stop cap) so that it sat behind the stop cap, and on/over the rubber bushing on the back of the pedal. Then i secured it with a ziptie (because it was cut lengthwise when compressed it would split and pop off, and no electrical tape will not work).
And wham.. a ghetto WOT mod.. that costs. well almost $0.00

As far as i can tell this doesnt effect anything else, i did notice some slight extra accelleration at the new WOT, and the "bushing" worked with no probs, the pedal almost touchs the carpet (no floor mat) but doesnt completely meet it, but there isnt enough tension on the cable that if you were to SLAM your foot down that it would snap.

the size of the spacer/hose you make depends on how much your throttle cable has stretched over time, my car at the time was a 97 expresso and the mod was done in like 2003 i think, so figure 6 years of use stretched the cable about the height of a 20oz bottlecap. doing this mod it allowed the TB to open as far as the factory design allowed, thus WOT.
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