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Ancestor Worship: Shaman and Shaman sect

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:26 pm
by dairy
As a gamer, I note the news about World of Warcraft and game skills in upitems.
In World of Warcraft, shamanism logo is the ancestors, soul, totem; from Shaman denominations.
Shaman sect originated in Northeast China, North American Indian tribal shaman who is also the ritual, prophets, teachers, doctors, Shou Ling who Falconer in one, is shamman.
Shaman sect is characterized by: John Chongxian Zu, emphasizing the balance of nature and the soul to totem worship objects, domesticated eagle.
Shamanism is not accurate to say that is a magician, in reality, they are more as a teacher, coordinator, with a force of soldiers communication exists.
Shaman elemental magic magic is essentially the evolution. By totem and ritual, the shaman can be converted to elemental vitality resonance.