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31TH Cable Adjustment

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:38 pm
by infil
Gearshift Cable Adjustment:
1) Set Parking Brake
2) Remove floor console.
3) Place gearshift lever in the PARK (p) position.
4) PUsh down on the tab and unsnap the collar at the shifter cable to allow the cable to be adjusted.
5) Move the gearshift lever on the transaxle to the PARK position.
6) Verify the shift lever and transaxle are in the PARK position. Rotate collar on the shift cable adjuster end up until it seats against the plastic housing. NOTE: If the collar will not rotate to the fully detented lock position, rotate the collar back to its initial unlocked position. Position the ATX in the gated PARK position. Apply a slight load to the shaft lever, for or aft in vehicle, while simultaneously rotating the collar upward to the LOCK position. The collar must seat against the plastic housing to achieve the required detented lock position. The gearshift linkage should now be properly adjusted.

Check adjustment as follows.
7) Detent position for NEUTRAL and DRIVE should be within limits of hand lever gate stops.
Key start must occur only when the shift lever is in PARK or NEUTRAL positions.

Throttle Pressure Cable Adjustment Procedure
1) Perform transaxle throttle pressure cable adjustment while engine is at normal operating temperature.
2) Release cross-lock on the cable assembly (pull cross-lock upward)
3) To ensure proper adjustment, the cable must be free to slide all the way toward the engine, against its stop, after the cross-lock is released.
4) Move transaxle throttle control lever fully clockwise, against its internal stop, and press crosslock downward into locked position.
The adjustment is complete and transaxle throttle cable backlash was automatically removed.
Test cable freedom of operation by moving the transaxle throttle lever forward(counterclockwise). Then slowly release it to confirm it will return fully rearward(clockwise).
No lubrication is required for any component of the throttle cable system.

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:50 pm
by DMez
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