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sporatic chugging issue, plz help

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:30 pm
by liquidhat
Ok, now, long story short, after a cuffuffle and the demise of the green bastard (R.I.P. 1998 SOHC 4 door) and my 1999 DOHC 2 door boomeranging its way thru 4 people and coming back to me... I got the sweaty pig on the road.

Was getting P0171 and P0500 codes right off the hop and was a pain to get thru Ontarios new OBD-II testing, but sniff test passed, however it chugs periodically and can be hard on the neck during harder driving, seems the ASD Relay is snapping and shutting the fuel and spark down, then coming back, almost as if the computer is thinking it too lean, does anyone know if the VSS Referrence is tied to the ECM for load as to control fuel and timing? Because my speedo hasn't worked for a while, and if ECM not getting VSS referrence that makes sense in my honest opinion, but only if for fuel and spark purposes the VSS makes any difference at all.

I play with this stuff for breakfast most days, I'm Just stumped when it comes to some of this sorta stuff, need a speedo, and if ECM requires VSS for that purpose, then I best get to tracing a wiring fault. New VSS at trans but no signal with advanced OBD-II reader for VSS at DLC