fuel pump fuel

Tracing a wiring issue, or maybe have questions regarding an aftermarket security system? Post any non-audio related electrical questions here.
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fuel pump fuel

Post by phillyplayer3000 » Tue Jun 05, 2007 10:56 pm

put a motor in but keep blowing fuel pump fuse help

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Post by monkeyman9630 » Wed Jun 06, 2007 12:57 am

start simple: are there any loose connections? any shorts/groundings that shouldnt be there? proper wiring to the proper parts?

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Post by Lackof » Wed Jun 06, 2007 8:03 am

i'd say a ground is off somewhere if you just put the motor in ... but honestly i dunno, it'd just be my first guess.

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Post by robert 'bob' paulson » Wed Jun 06, 2007 8:19 am

a few months ago i kept blowing fuel pump fuses and it turned out to be an exposed wire in the downstream O2 sensor hitting the crossmember. that might not be your situation but its a place to start. if those wires are fine, my vote is for an exposed wire somewhere shorting out. good luck.

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Post by DOHCRT » Wed Jun 06, 2007 12:30 pm

Fuel Pump fuse feeds the fuel pump relay, ASD relay, and PCM. You could have a short to ground in any of those circuits. Pull the ASD relay out and see if it still blows. It wont start without the ASD relay, but if it doesn't blow the fuse you know its a problem on the ASD relay circuit. The ASD circuit provides power to almost all of the neons engine sensors, and to the fuel injectors. Do the same with the Fuel pump relay.
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