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Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 9:06 pm
by Vinny
This is going nowhere, take it to PM.

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 9:36 am
by Jordan2.4
chipdogg wrote:
Jordan2.4 wrote:
chipdogg wrote:Whatever, keep telling yourself that going over someone's head and calling up a company won't mess up deals.
I never went over his head, I didn't mess up his deal. If you would get off of your fat lazy ass and read you would realize that he was going through a thrid part on these. Now please, if you want to discuss this further pm me. That is what they are for.
I read what happened, you blamed Lorenzo for not getting it done, and you called Crane and they got wind of the fact that Lorenzo was going through another vendor and they didn't like that. If you didn't do anything wrong, why did you edit all your posts over there? Just man up and admit you were wrong. I'm not gonna "get off my lazy ass" and investigate why it's taking a while to get a group buy together, if you agree that other people can take several months, then why did you call when Lorenzo was only a month or so into it? :roll:
You have a pm. It sure seems like the only reason you came over here was to pick a fight with me. I am not banned fron, you could have done this with me over there. You know that if you started over there the thread would be locked. It should probably be locked here. If anyone wants to know what really happened feel free to pm me.

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 11:40 am
by chipdogg
Whatever I'm done with this topic anyways.

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 2:51 pm
by Lorenzo
Vinny wrote:
Skill wrote:If the part arrives on time, it's at decent price, it's of high quality, then i'm game for it even if the dudes want to be a dick in the process of getting it. Just as long as i don't have to hassle over it. I can be a dick right back heh ;)
I hate having to be a dick, and I like proper customer service.
When do I ever give anyone bad customer service? Just cause I am a admin on doesn't mean you have to complain about me being a dick. I am never a dick when it comes to my business just because things happen on doesn't even effect the way I handle any of my customers ever.

Just a FYI for ya and any other people. I have sold thousands of parts to tons of people and even if there is ever a issue with something I always fix it. You can't ask for more service then I give.


Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 2:55 pm
by Lorenzo
Oh and after over a whole freaking year I come on here to check things out for once. Hell just signed up for a account today... Sucks being a newb lol... Then to see all the people bitch about me well a few of em. Thanks for the ones that stuck up for me because obviously a few people have nothing else to bitch about since I am a admin on so it's bash the admins there and since I own a business lets bash their business too.

I wish someone would of told me about this last year I would of posted and came over here to defend myself.

And for anyone that cares I have all postive feedback on all my SRTforums transactions as well as my transactions same goes for e-bay. I always put the customer first in my business as I would want to be when I buy parts elsewhere. I always keep in contact. I tell you exactly when parts ship out as well with tracking info as long as your spam folder doesn't get it. I like to do this because it keeps them in contact with me on their order and communication is important. So I don't know how any of you people can say I am a dick about it. Just because I am a admin on the board and have to break people up from fighting etc I am a dick well if that's the case then I guess I am a dick when it comes to that but when it comes to my business and how customers are treated they get treated exactly how anyone would want to be treated and get their parts FAST no waiting forever to get parts shipped out etc.