October SALE! Bobbles, engine mounts, Custom Intakes, MORE

Own your own shop and want to promote some of your services to us? Maybe you made a deal with a company that if enough people buy a certain product they'll give everyone a cheaper price. Let everyone know about it here.
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October SALE! Bobbles, engine mounts, Custom Intakes, MORE

Post by dohc5spd2dr » Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:02 pm

Name: Patrick Moran
Location: Greenfield, IN 46140
Email: dohc5spd2dr@yahoo.com
PayPal: dohc5spd2dr@yahoo.com
Best way to contact: PMs and Email

So, Sales have been..... on and off. Started out pretty well, but have fallen off. Since Money seems to be low for most everyone, I figure a SALE should help!

So, for the Month of October I will be having a SALE! $20 off of a full set of mounts, and $5 off individual Mounts.

Updated pics and prototype manifolds coming SOON!

*9/30 EDIT* So... I am finishing up getting the "shop" setup for the TIG. Electrical is in, just waiting on argon and some materials. I have lots of cores already, and I am planning to make some intake manifolds for the .org community. I will get at least one prototyped within 2 weeks, and that will help me estimate the time/cost of the final product.

I am basically going to offer 2 basic styles. 1) No 90* lower with stock runners/plenum, and will gasket match and port the whole thing. 2) A "generic" Box style, runner length is up to the buyer, with gasket matched/ported runners.

I will offer the TB flange for:
1) stock
2) Jeep
3)**Customer specific, but TB must be provided**

I am also going to offer a PDC mount, battery tray and intake tubes for these intakes as well!

I would like to see what sort of interest I can get in these as well.

Current list of in stock items at bottom part of page:

****I ASSUME NO LIABILITY from/for the use of these mounts, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!****

When sending PayPal payment, or Money Orders, PLEASE fill out the subject line stating your Screen Name, and what you are ordering.

I am now offering a set of engine mounts for the 1GN Neon.

Passenger mounts are filled with a urethane/rubber compound and are much stiffer than stock, but not SOLID. I will be making SOLID mounts, for those that would like, out of steel, within the next few weeks.

Front and trans mounts are filled with a VERY hard and durable Vulcanized rubber and have very little flex at all. I can position the bolt hole anywhere in the mount to aid in 2.4 swap, etc.

The solid bobbles feature a fully threaded body for maximum adjustability. I offer them with and without ENERGY SUSPENSION poly bushings (RED). they feature lock washers on top and bottom of the trans bracket so that they will not vibrate loose on you. I offer a "free replacement" warranty on all the welds. If you break a weld, I will gladly replace the broken portion at no cost to you.

Colors: Black is the Statndard, but "Custom" colors are available. If you can buy it in a spray can, I can make the mount that color :drinks:

New pics of the final product:
solid insert Trans mount (MTX, ATX will be simmilar)

Filled ATX:

Solid insert Front mount:

Filled Passenger side mount:

Solid Bobble:

(the original run for reference)

"PROTOTYPE" SOLID metal mounts:
Pass side:

MTX: (final version will be a solid piece, not the half circle)


(All prices are shipped to the lower 48 ;) I will ship to Canada, AK and HI, PM for shipping rates) UPDATE! USPS flate rate shipping to Canada for any number of mounts, please add $35(bobbles alone will be slightly less for Canada shipping)

Full set for MTX, all 4 mounts: $120shipped (+$5 for poly bobble bushings) (+$30 refundable core charge)
Full set for ATX, all 3 mounts: $90shipped (+$30 refundable core charge)

Bobbles. $40shipped, or $45 shipped with poly bushings.

FMM: $40shipped + $15 refundable core charge

Trans mount, ATX or MTX: $40shipped + $15 refundable core charge

Filled Passenger side mounts: $40shipped + $15 refundable core charge

Special pricing available to those that send in multiple cores

Many colors available, just ask! (Please add $5 for colors other than black)

Orders usually ship by the end of the week (Friday) I try to get to the post office/FedEx store every couple days or so...

ATX trans: 3
MTX Trans: 2
Front: 5
Passenger: 4

The easiest way to install the Bobble (from my experience) is to remove the 3 15mm head bolts from the trans that hold the bobble bracket to the trans, remove the bobble and bracket in one piece, then remove the stock bobble, LOOSELY install the new bobble on the trans bracket, attach the bracket to the trans, install the lower bolt that holds bobble to K frame, then adjust the LOWER of the two top nuts on the bobble to put the desired ammount of pre-load on the mount, then tighten the top nut.

And just to make it a little easier for you, the (Stock) lower bolt/nut uses a 15mm as well, and the nuts on the bobble are 19mm.

****I ASSUME NO LIABILITY from/for the use of these mounts, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!****
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