Neon Dtec Equipment Company.

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Neon Dtec Equipment Company.

Post by CodeBlue92089 » Sun Dec 09, 2007 9:25 am

Im selling Dtec FC ( Fuel Computers ) It all comes with
  • Dtec Computer
    Dtec Kncok Light
    Dtec Wiring
    and more
I have 15 Of them in stock Let me know what you need .

Picture of the Item. The picture is off my team ( Midnightcreations ) web site so dont think its not real.

Buy it now for $265.50

Cody, Neon Dtec Equipment Company.
Aim: Dtecneon


Like an Apexi SAFC, the DTEC-FC modifies the signal to your ECU to increase or decrease fueling, allowing you to adjust for larger injectors, increased boost, etc. The DTEC uses 4-points of throttle position or MAP value to scale fueling through 18 different RPM ranges in 250 RPM increments. By interecepting the MAP or MAF signal, the DTEC can alter fueling to your specifications. The DTEC-FC is capable of storing 4 different fuel maps for different conditions (i.e. Street Tune, Race Gas, Increased Boost, etc.)

The DTEC not only allows for fueling adjustment but also offers all the features of the standart DTEC Gauge Unit, so it can display individual values (i.e. RPM, Knock Count, Injector Duty, TPS) and with additional sensors it can display EGT, Boost, or even Air/Fuel when used in conjunction with the Turbo XS Tuner wideband O2 system (sold separately). The DTEC-FC also includes the Turbo XS Knock Lite, which reads knock from your OEM or an aftermarket knock sensor and gives a visual warning when it detects detonation while also offering a built in shift-light. This is great for cars like the Dodge SRT-4, which don't have a factory tachometer signal, as you do not need an external tach driver.

INCLUDES: DTEC Main Unit, Power Cable, Instructions, RJ12 Tuner Interface Cable, Knock-Lite, Analog/Digital Pickup, MAF/MAP Sensor Interrupt
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