1fast2liter bad trader

Did you have a good experience with someone on here buying or selling something to them, maybe you had a bad experience where they didn't pay up or ship an item. Let everyone know in here.
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1fast2liter bad trader

Post by neon_freak » Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:31 pm

So i was trying to sell my 97 for a few months with no luck since it was modded and all, and we were talking one day about his srt swap he had and i got to thinking of trading the hole motor setup for my car.

so we talked for a few days about it and i said ok. What was included was a pre 2001 2.4 with srt internals and oiling system. the motor has 2.0 cams, toomanyeons adapter,unorthadox street udp, srt stage 1 injectors, talon/eclipse coil pack, crane fire wires, mpx heatsheild, srt turbo fold, 3 inch 02 housing, 3 inch down pipe and 2.0 intake. he also had intercooler setup, bov, half modded spool boy walbro, name brand return line setup, MS1 ecu with all ms sensors and ms harness, a brand new phantom grip lsd and a transmission rebuilt kit.

so around the first of september i think i drove 25 miles to his place to trade, got there and loaded up most the parts. he didnt have any of the MS stuff at all, the rebuild kit, the return line, and misc other parts because it was all at his house and i would have went there but i was already late for my other plans so i left, he said he would get me the parts by the next weekend. well that blew by, texted him and he said by next weekend, again same thing, texted said next weekend, again nothing. well iv ben trying to text him all week and no replys for no reason at all.

So for like 3 days i figured he was busy but now he still dot reply. So i was browsing craiglist and i cam across a "race ready 97 neon" read all the description and sure as hell sounds like my car, but no pics. i emailed the guy for pics to do soem reasearch. Then i was talking to another wi guy and told him to call him and ask if his aka my old 97 was forsale to see if he would answer, and on half a ring he answers his call and tells him he traded the car 2 days ago to a guy. This is all from 2nite happening.

So my concern is i want the rest of my stuff, and also my license plates he asked me to leave on there for transport. this is all coming off the top of my head so i mite have forgotten something like what parts he all included but he dosent have a good record around and maybe a few people can add to it
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Post by 98yoda » Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:35 pm

Go kick his ass. This is why you should always trade everything at once.
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