Neon under $1000 in Wisconsin

Looking for a certian part? Maybe someone on here has an extra one, or one they don't need anymore. Post your requests here and see if anyone has what you're looking for.
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Neon under $1000 in Wisconsin

Post by APN » Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:19 pm

Hi all, it's been a while and I am finally looking for a new car again!

Interested in anything you have to offer that is in sound mechanical shape, I prefer 5-speed, but I'm open to see what you all have.

Either post here with all information you can provide about the vehicle including your location, mileage, any problems, recent work, price, etc. Pictures please!!!

Let me know!

APN wrote:
Jordan2.4 wrote:Apn...please make a new sig with pictures of your car CLEAN...i am tired of looking at the dirt...
That's called chipping paint son. Get some glasses. 8)

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