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Neverwinter PVP Guide for Cleric

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:50 pm
by nellavon
The number of long-range weapons, while small, is being erected one from Jeffery location, and can even see them installed trebuchet process, like a prisoner about to embark on the gallows, watching the executioner the rope put on his neck. Other black people really put-ting them to put up, these people will become your own living target, although not necessarily result in a substantial number of casualties, but enough to make severely shaken morale completely lax. Jeffery turned around and looked behind him, scouts were down fairly good condition, although it was also in a whisper, but the mood remained normal, especially Nick, still in there chewing grass stalks, but also occasionally Niuguo head Scoop .

"Jeffrey, you bring scouts to the other side, and Sabei together because of cavalry. Wilbur, Han Moke, bring your thousand teams, come with me." Riding a horse from the front of the maroon passing, Army chief is released with a security guard shouted combat information, he did not let scouts tell, but personally convey, this story moves on the original settle down a little shaky formation of each phalanx began to move in accordance with the arrangement. ... for-cleric