'03 SRT/PT Turbo PINK injectors

Post any 1st gen Neon parts you have to sell here!
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Post by srt4eh » Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:56 pm

srtdreamin wrote:only thing i have is a rrfpr and walbro 255 cud i stil use the stage 1's . i heard with 1's and a rrfpr u cant set the base pressure exactly rite so ur rich all the time. This is my first build and ive done alot of research but the fuel and "tune" seem to be some very complex stuff. But ill get it. I also read that you can do a good street tune with a nice scanner. i just got the Snap On Verdict today hoping this will help with the build. ( and no i bought it for my shop not for the project i just heard that it will make life easier than paying someone to tune it? idk) please chine in if you know anything about what im babbling about.
You can't tune the 1gen computer with anything currently...
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