1998 neon R/T blue 2500 lv,nv

Trying to sell your Neon and want to get the word out, maybe someone on here would like to buy it from you. Post your Forsale Ad here.
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1998 neon R/T blue 2500 lv,nv

Post by gunsanroses91 » Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:19 am

i have a 1998 dodge neon R/T id like to sell. pretty firm on 3000
this has been my daily driver for 3 months and was the previous owners daily driver also. car has 153,XXX miles
i am the fourth owner
the 2nd owner replaced the transmission headgasket timing belt and water pump,
mods currently on the car
mopar performance pcm
neon goodies bobble strut
17in rims with brand new kuhmo tires with warrenty
new windshield
pacesetter dual exhaust
depo projector headlights with Arctic white bulbs
clear parking and side marker lights
smoked taillights
pioneer deck
maddog short throw shifter
new cv joints
modern performance 60mm throttle body
msd coil with grantelli wires with brand new champion plugs.
blue ice man cold air intake
blue powder-coated valve cover
urethrane motor mounts
mishimoto aluminum racing radiator.
has a aftermarket deck. has ipod plug in and cd player. nothing fancy though
also just replaced front break pads, valve cover gasket, spark plug tube seals, valve cover grommets, new caliper on front passenger side, new ebrake and center console from a 2gn neon.

the bad...
the cat is cracked or something. it rattles between 1100-1600 rpm
rear speakers need to be hooked up to an amp or just hooked up.
needs an alignment
hard to cold start. but will start first try and wont die. just gota give it a little gas
a/c has been removed completely. not really bad unless you want it haha

if the car sells at that price i have
3 original R/T tims with bad tires on them
2 door panels that can be fixed
the original e brake and center console

i can drive anywhere between vegas and around chicago but a deposit must be in place cause i am driving another car home hopefully around the 20th
texting is best as i dont answer random numbers
pms are also good because i get notified that i have a msg but not a post

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Post by gunsanroses91 » Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:21 am


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Post by 2drSRT4 » Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:35 am

Wow, pretty clean car. Free bump. GLWS, wish I could trade some parts off of it.

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Post by Ianguilly » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:37 am

Wow that thing sits high! GLWS love to have another R/T
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Post by BaLLisTiK » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:21 pm

Looks Beautiful. Hard to find a factory R/T body that nice, with the paint looking good like that. Honestly I don't know about $3,000... But It is a very nice looking ride. Good luck, hope you get a good offer on it.
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Post by 99indiana » Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:15 am

If you were closer i would ask if you were interested in a swap. good luck with the sale
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Neon for Sale

Post by jorgea » Fri May 04, 2012 2:52 pm

Is this car still available?

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Post by srt4eh » Fri May 04, 2012 9:36 pm

doubt it
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