might be getting a new whip....

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Post by mahifish » Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:51 pm

your the only ricer here, cause your all into the big bad street racing scene.

Why do you brag about your r/t? Its a neon dude and it looks like any other neon. Except you have some RICE stripes. I could basically buy any car I wanted right now and I will when the time is right. My life doesnt revolve around having the most badass ride. There is a lot of other more important things in my life right now like an education which you dont seem to have.

1gnr/t- "Ugh get an evo."

Like the one you dont have...right?

Typical ricer/tool.

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Post by 1gnR/T » Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:54 pm

Looks like i should add some updated pics.

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Post by Tyler » Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:00 pm

1gnR/T wrote:It has alot to do with jealousy it sounds like, and if people are too poor to even spend 2k on an R/T or acr then you dont deserve to be adding mods to your car at all, you should instead be looking to buy a house or find a better job so you can support your hobby. Somebody said that an R/T is 3k? haha, then you are a sucker, when i was looking for a R/T i found like 5 real nice cars just in WI, the best one was a 99 intense blue R/T with all the options sunroof ect. for 3k. BTW I picked up my R/T for $2200 in mint condition with 91k on the odometer, so far ive spent $1500 in mods so that brings the grand total to $3700, thats not that bad considering i would drag most of you up and down the quarter mile and around the auto x, all you have to do is take your time and look for the right car not just jump at the first 800buck beater thats going to drain your wallet because it breaks down all the time.
You are truely hopeless.....Think what you want to think, go ahead. But isnt it just such a coincidence that everyone on here, darkside and Im sure the .org thinks your a moron who pretends to be a neon god with knowledge greater than everyone elses. Ive not gotten so many laughs out of posts in a long time. Your beginning to rival Trinity.
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Post by mahifish » Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:01 pm

Huh? you mean just post some more pics of all the cars on CWSCC again?

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Post by INVUJerry » Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:42 pm

3.94 trans. w .81 5th gear - Bought one from an 03 ACR, it's better (stock neons tranny is rated at 130 tq, 2gn's are rated at 150 tq)
Dohc motor - :roll: eye of the beholder
quick ratio steering rack - WOO! 16:1 vs 18:1! Be a man, get a shadow rack and don't run power steering.
stiffer springs - Nope. ACR's only, along with the koni or arvin struts
Seats - Get 2gn seats, they're all better
Leather steering wheel/shift knob - Meh
stock ecu has higher speed limiter - WOO! 130 vs 118! Be a man, get a AFX and don't have a speed limiter
4 wheel disc brakes w ABS - ABS is fail when you autox, you should know that
Rear sway bar stock - so do sports
Functional wing stock - so do many (BTW, wings aren't functional there kiddo)
Many more creature comforts - that only add weight when you're going for performance.

I'm getting a 96 sedan for FREE this weekend. With my 12.5:1 motor, another 3.94 trans, a PT clutch, and a mopar computer I'll be below $1k into the car.

Keep trying, Sport, keep trying.

My 98 cost me $1500 and it hasn't EVER broke down, nor left me stranded. I broke the trans doing something stupid, and it was my own fault. I was irritated and did a 7600 dumb and blew the trans apart. Before I broke the trans and did all the work to it, it got 38 MPG driving around, and 45 MPG on long trips. Besides, it was the only coupe on the east coast within 2 hours of me that ran that didn't need work for less than $2k.
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1996 ACR Sedan - Koni yellows, stock as hell
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Post by roysneon » Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:14 pm

Well I'e got K-Sports, prothane bushings and ACR spec sway bars, so I've got you beat suspension wise.

My Mopar ECU is better than a stock R/T ecu.

My car has every option but cruise.

The rear disks aren't a big selling point for me, because I'd rather have more braking up front to use that to feed some more oversteer, and the 10lb of unsprung weight isn't worth being able to brag about my Neon with 4 wheel discs. I'd also rather have 4 wheel drums than mid 90's designed ABS system.

I think that this guy should hood up with SOHCbigturbo and race utnill one (hopefully both) of them wreck their cars.

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Post by boogerbaby » Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:36 am

So if you want to go fast you need a factory ROAD&TRACK car? myultimate race car a A-990 but i cant afford 200k so what should i do?
hello i'm on the intranet

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Post by sohc98 » Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:20 am

INVUJerry wrote:4 wheel disc brakes w ABS - ABS is fail when you autox, you should know that
Why would he know that, racing at a track is dumb ya know. The real way to race is on the streets.

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Post by TomZ » Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:02 am

Hmmm. I paid $1200 for my '95 ACR. What does that make me? Jealous? Get a clue fool.
'95 ACR Coupe, 14.366 @ 94.57 MPH Bolt-ons and weight redux (Built 2.4 needs final assembly)
'02 ES Magnum swap, Comp 200 Cam, ACR suspension, bolt ons.
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Post by Erays3r » Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:20 am


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Post by NeonBLK » Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:33 pm

lmao :lol:

don't call me a ricer because I have things to pay for that are much more important than buying a new car, like school (i'm paying about 9,000 a year in loans) and books which so far for 3 semester I spent about $1,500. I don't have money to be buying a "evo" or a brand new gti. that is why I buy cheap cars and fix them up because one is economical and two it's a hobby.

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Post by ShelbyTurbo » Thu Dec 18, 2008 1:11 pm

1gnR/T wrote:You guys are hopeless, what is the word again?? oh yeah fucking ricers! Lets go buy a beater and stick more in it than the car cost me?? LMFAO! ya thats fucking bright. :roll:
You're a retard, and totally missed the logic train.

The R/T seats, not very special, shure, all of the gay squiggles and triagles are the same color, but other then that, are no different than sport seats.

All DOHC equipped 5-speed cars came with a 3.94 gear box, the only diffence between the R/T/ACR 3.94's and the regular ones is a slightly shorter 5th gear. I use a 3.94B and honestly can't tell any difference from my original 3.94A that I destroyed a couple of years ago.

The R/T suspension was also featured on DOHC sport coupes, though the ACR suspension is admittedly special, its nothing 800 dollars or a good eye at a yard could fix on a stock base Neon, which is significantly lighter than an R/T btw.

So basically, a base DOHC coupe will have a slight disadvantage int he handling department, but also weigh 100 pounds or so less to begin with because it lacks A/C, Power Steering, and a power Sunroof, which btw are famous for giving up the ghost.

When it comes down to it, an ACR is a base model neon with Koni's, a faster rack, H rated tires, and the sport suspension swaybars.

An R/T is pretty much a loaded sport model with a slightly different 5th gear and a set of stripes.
'98 Neon R/T Sedan ------> 15.6 @ 88mph, with a crappy 2.4 60ft.

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Post by Ladi3sman55 » Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:50 pm

1gnR/T wrote:
Ladi3sman55 wrote:wow someone fucking ban this tool
he hasnt had a single good comment!
I think i proved my point about jealousy.
lol well i think he has been shut up (other than his typical comebacks) but i'll continue to beat the horse.. why would i be jealous of your r/t? when my car is done i'll have prolly 3 grand into it including the price i paid for the car and i'll be running a 2.4 with srt internals and a srt turbo. lets compare cars around may being as that will be my goal to have the motor in.
so with your car being bought for 2200 that leaves you with 800 to mod. id love to see you try and beat my setup with only 800 bucks. fuck if i wanted i could get some stripes made from my friend for like 20 bucks and call my car a fuckin r/t. o and i have 2gn seats so that rules that out. only thing you have me beat in would be suspension and steering rack but i weigh less than you. keep tryin kiddo
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Post by 420ACNY » Thu Dec 18, 2008 4:21 pm

Do you realize that out side of this computer screen.... nobody knows the diference.

95% of the population thinks we are tools that drive 10year old beat up neons. yes even you 1gnR/T still drive a neon. why fight about it?
98' MTX Coupe.. w/ all the fixin's
07' Focus SES... $260 a month- 'nough said
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Post by Tyler » Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:46 pm

TomZ wrote:Hmmm. I paid $1200 for my '95 ACR. What does that make me? Jealous? Get a clue fool.
Exactly. My car cost me $1200 and has never broke down, been crazy realiable. The only issues Ive had were self induced by me tinkering with stuff. lol
97 sohc- 'Victoria'

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