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Do you have a project going or will you be starting a project here very soon and just want to keep a log of everything you and when? Share with everyone every step of the way what sort of progress you are making on your project.
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Secret Agent Peon

Post by fusion210 » Mon Feb 12, 2007 5:00 pm

Current look, going for a sleeper, but right now it's not fast. :(
Pretty modded, I minus well make a list now off the top of my head.
1998 Plymouth Expresso

Original dohc engine
Quaife/original 3.94/.72 fifth
Fidanza modular aluminum flywheel/pt clutch
Mopar short shifter/booger bushings
DM racing mounts/booger solid bobble strut
Iceman air intake.
57.5mm bored stock tb (by Vitor)
Self P&Ped intake manifold
Hondata heatshield intake manifold gasket
af/x sohc race pcm
Pacesetter header/srt4 cat/2gn midpipe/mopar catback
Unorthodox race udp (they still have these in their PARTS BLOWOUT section on their site, $85 shipped!)

Poly bushings
DM racing crossmember brace
Suspension techniques front/rear sway bars
ACR hubs up front, rear disc swap, meh brake pads. :lol:
16:1 sport rack

Weight reduction
Aluminum wheels that look like steel
All interior sound deadening/dampening removed except for those hard to reach spots behind the dash
No power steering or a/c
DM racing lightweight lower alt bracket
Partially gutted spoilerless trunk lid, no trunk carpet
Base rear seat, console, and sun visor (no mirror)
Removed 'shift weight' located on the lever on top of the trans
No front motor mount damper or steering wheel damper (under the airbag)
De-tipped the muffler
Tractor battery
Early style evap canister
Removed the plate sandwiched between the glovebox plastic

PT Cruiser alt
Leather steering wheel/shift knob
Decent Alpine cd player with crappy OEM Mitsu speakers from something, came with car.
Lettered valve cover

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Post by fusion210 » Mon Feb 12, 2007 5:00 pm


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Post by glasswars » Mon Feb 12, 2007 10:00 pm

Wow nice. If I saw that on the streets I wouldn't give it a second look until it passed me. :wink: Keep it up.
01' Neon.
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Post by jrm868s » Mon Feb 12, 2007 10:01 pm

getting a good start :thumbleft: sleeper ftw

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Post by philter » Mon Feb 12, 2007 10:02 pm

glasswars wrote:Wow nice. If I saw that on the streets I wouldn't give it a second look until it passed me. :wink: Keep it up.
chris' cars are known for that. :lol:

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Post by chrono_killa » Fri Feb 16, 2007 2:54 pm

put a sticker on the side that says "#1 soccer dad" for the ultimate sleeper
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My Cars-98 plymouth highline neon, atx, msd coil, 3.0 intake, ebay udp
Future mods- magnum head, magnum header, rims, msd wires, 60mm tb, dohc pistons, 2.5" dual exhaust, modded valvebody, filled mounts, switch to a tach cluster with green leds and some more shit

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Post by fusion210 » Fri Feb 16, 2007 4:50 pm

Well, I guess I am old enough. I was thinking about the little enterprise sticker or licience plate frame.

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Post by Diablo0 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 3:17 am

Damn Chris! I dont' think I've seen this one yet! You're going to have to come down to G-Vegas sometime so I can see it up close :P
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Post by fusion210 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 7:59 am

I'll come down some weekend. :)

I should probably add this as well.

This list will be a mix from when I did my first 'list' and my current list I keep on a spreadsheet. Weights listed in just lbs are from my first list and may vary slightly to my second list which uses a better scale.

Note that some parts for different trim levels will vary. Like seats with extra cushioning. These are also 99% from a first gen.

Grill piece 0.59375lbs
slim molded mudflap, front 0.1875lbs
Front Licence plate + bracket and screws 1.15625lbs
Rubber side strips 6.125lbs
Antenna 0.4375lbs
Speaker wire in door w/ rubber tubes between door and car 0.5625lbs
Stock sohc hood w/ liner and plastic vent ~30lbs
cnnp fiberglass cowl hoodskin ~12lbs

Rear seatbelts halves, the part that connects to under the rear seat 1lb 9.4oz
Front expresso coupe seat 33lbs 1.1oz
Rear expresso fold down seat upper half 22lb 7.8oz
Rear expresso fold down seat lower half 8lb 10.3oz
Rear seat bottom cushion (highline) 7.90625
Passenger seat (highline) 29.75lbs
Rear fold down seat back w/o brackets/screws (highline) 21.25lbs
base rear seat backing between the seat and trunk 95-96 (fabric composite?) 5lb 3.8oz ... tbacks.jpg
base rear seat back 97+(black plastic) 1lb 13.6oz ... tbacks.jpg
base non fold down rear seat back 13lb 7oz
base bottom cushion 8lb 3.6oz
Front expresso floor mat 2lbs 9.8oz
Rear expresso floor mat 1lb 10.9oz
Oh peanut handle with bolts 5.1oz
Coupe door panel, no power options, fabric insert 5lb 7oz
Rubber sound deadening sheet behind coupe door 1lb 4.1oz
Tar sound deadening on the inside of a coupe door panel 2.6oz
sound deadening mat covering the exhaust tunnel under the dash/center console 1lb 10.0oz
Passenger side sail panel, for mirror without adjustment 2.5oz
Rubber strip on top of the coupe door panel, seals against the window 8.1oz
Metal plate sandwiched between glove box plastic 1lb 1.5oz
8k tach cluster with foam 2lb 15.1oz
tachless cluster w/o foam 2lb 14.0 ozTop of dash with no sound deadening but with cluster shroud 5lb 10.3oz
a pillar cover 7.2oz
b/c coupe pillar plastic cover with foam, but no fabric sound deadening 4lb 13.2oz
Coupe center console with cupholders with lightweight metal support 6lb 4.0oz
rocker cover for coupe 10.9oz
shift boot 13.4oz
driver's side kick panel 4.8oz
passenger side kick panel minus sound deadening fabric 4.8oz
Trunk release lever 5.2oz
Main coupe carpet with fabric sound deadening 15lb 7.1oz
Inside weather stripping by the door that covers the headliner, kickpanel, and b/c cover, on the coupe 1lb 5.2oz
Stock 5 speed shifter without boot/knob 4lb 1.8oz
Weight behind the steering wheel to smooth vibrations 1lb 12.6oz
Sound deadening mats under the dash that I could get to, probably a few lbs more left 8lbs 6.9oz
sound deadening behind the front seat, coupe 1lb 4.0oz
Sound deadening under the front seat 14.3oz
Sound deadening in front of front seat, coupe 3lb 4.6oz
Additional rubber sheet and tar sound deadening behind and under dash 4lb 6.4oz
Tar type deadening behind the headliner, covers holes in the metal 5.6oz
Tar sound dampening on the seatbelt assembly, front, coupe 2.2oz
rubber matt over the exhaust tunnel in front of the shifter, coupe 2lb
Driver's side sun visor with clip no screws 1lb 7.3oz
base model drivers side sun visor(has no mirror) 1lb 3.9oz
passenger side sun visor with clip no screws 1lb .9oz
Complete headliner, coupe 3lb 4.9oz
Trunk Springs (two) 14.3oz
trunk hinge (each) 2lb 4.3oz
remove part of the weather stripping under the hood, enough to vent air but not past the cabin fresh air vents 3.5oz
pt cruiser alternator 12lb 9.9oz
stock first gen alt 11lb 1.6oz
DM prototype? lightweight alt bracket 9.0oz
Ti? bolts for alt bracket 1.4oz
metal washers as shims for alt bracket 1.2oz
DM spacers for alt bracket .7oz
base console without armrest (sedan) 2lb 13oz ... onsole.jpg
Center console weight (the light coupe? one)plus two nuts 0.8125lbs
front speaker w/ bracket and screws 1.75lbs
Factory tweeter 7.6oz
rear 6x9 w/ screws 1.0625lbs
Sound deadener under top of dash 0.625lbs
Brace in front of rear seats (under carpet infront of rear seats, coupe only) 13.75lbs
AM/FM Stereo 3.03125lbs
HVAC Bezle 0.53125lbs
Ashtray bracket w/ screws 0.5625lbs
Ashtray and lighter 0.6875lbs
Front panel w/ vents and screws 2.3125lbs
Driver's side vent 0.125lbs
Each Door release handle brace, coupe 0.125lbs
Passenger seatbelt, coupe 2.75lbs
Plastic panel under steering wheel 2.125lbs
Each top half of rear seatbelts, coupe 2.125lbs
"parcel shelf" in the back over the rear speakers 1.625lbs
Front coupe seatbelt bolt plastic covers 0.09375lbs
Passenger side airbag 9.25lbs
Airbag control module with metal plate 2.0625lbs
Steering wheel airbag with side molding 3.34375lbs
Jack and tire Iron bag 0.21875lbs
Plastic spare tire screwdown 0.1875lbs
Spare tire cover 4.25lbs
Rear section of trunk carpet 1.25lbs
Bottom trunk carpet 6.75lbs
schroth rallye harness 2lbs 9.1oz

Engine bay/exhaust
Cast alt bracket 2.0l 1lb 12.2oz
DOHC intake manifold upper half 8lb 8.0oz
DOHC intake manifold lower half 2lb 15.1oz
Factory srt-4 o2 housing with 3 of the 4 bolts 5lb 14.5oz
Stock crank pulley (Supposedly there is a heavy and light one :dunno: ) 6lb 15.3oz
my weird srt-4 turbofold with WGA, BOV, and heatshield 20lb 8.4oz (found on ebay, possibly one of a kind, it's been floating around, should weigh the same as a regular srt-4 turbofold) ... bofold.jpg
DOHC head, with cam caps, cam cap bolts, Intake manifold and exhaust manifold studs, valve guides, no valvetrain 30lb 8.5oz
Plastic underhood scoop 10.5oz
egr valve, valve only 9.2oz
egr tube DOHC 4.9oz
stock sohc rod/piston/rings/bolt assy 2lb 4.2oz
inner dohc timing belt cover 12.3oz
plastic throttle body cover 1.6oz
stock coilpack (round ends) 2lb 6.8oz
airbox bracket to head 1lb 15.4oz
stock dohc vc no gaskets no bolts 6lb 13.2oz
upper dust shield (between trans/engine) 1lb 3.6oz
rad bracket to radiator support 3.4oz
stock torca exhaust clamp 7.1oz
Mobil M1-204 empty oil filter 1lb 1.1 oz
Driver's side base model half rad radiator plastic air deflector 1.8 oz
a/c system (dry) 27lbs 14.2 oz
power steering with some fluid 12lbs 12.8oz
fidanza modular flywheel with pt clutch 17lbs 10.5 oz
PT clutch 23lbs 1.5oz
first gen pcm+bracket 5lbs 2.9oz
Single fan setup, shrouds, pigtail 5lbs 10.1oz
liner under hood w/ plastic fasteners 0.75lbs
Spectra premium rad at rock auto, aluminum core plastic tanks 5lbs 2.7oz
Under hood weather stripping 0.625lbs
Front motor mount weight 5lbs
Air intake snorkle 1.5625lbs
Battery cover 0.40625lbs
Battery holddown 0.28125lbs
97-up? Charcoal canister (rectangular) minus hardware 2lbs 13.7oz
Early style evap canister conversion 2lbs 9oz ... omparo.jpg
Unorthodox UDP race version hub + bolts 11.5oz, pulley 7.3oz
af/x udp 1lb 11.7oz
stock sized battery 32lbs 6.9oz
battery tray top 6.7oz
battery fresh air tube 1.8oz
battery tray 1lb 5.3 oz
dohc airbox snorkle 1lb 5.3oz
airbox, filter, bracket 3lb 12.7 oz
intake tube, clamps, makeup air tube 1lb .4oz
First gen sohc aluminum intake manifold 9lbs 15.4oz
SOHC aluminum passenger side motor mount 2lbs 7.8oz ... racket.jpg
dohc non aluminum passenger side motor mount bracket 6lbs 3.6oz
Magnum intake manifold 16lbs 4oz
PT exhaust manifold with heatshield, cat gasket and bolts 13lbs 6.5oz
PT exhaust manifold (minus heatshields) 11lbs 10oz
srt-4 cat 12lbs 12.8oz
DOHC pacesetter with hardware 9lbs 5.0oz
Fast fab V2 longtube dohc no hardware 13lbs 12.1oz ... v2dohc.jpg
af/x sohc longtube header, no hardware 14lbs 5.1oz

New autozone $20 front brake rotor 9lbs 15.0 oz
suspension tech front sway w/ hardware 10lbs 14.3 oz
DM k frame brace minus extra nuts/washers 2lbs 8.70z
205/50/15 azenis sport tire (RT-615) 21lb 1.0oz
195/60/14 azenis sport tire (RT-615) 18lbs 7.8oz
195/60/14 falken ziex 512 tire 16lbs 13.5oz
All 4 Wheel covers (8 hole, as seen on my aol page) 5lbs
"twist" wheel cover 1lb 1.8oz
first gen steel wheel + small balancing weight 16lb 10.1oz
r/t alloy first gen 14lbs 6.0oz
sport alloy (cory@modern's weight) 15.6lbs
Aluminum wheel that looks like steel 12lbs 2.0oz
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Post by 2.0Warrior » Tue Jul 03, 2007 10:11 pm

does anyone know the base weight of a sport coupe DOHC 5spd

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