turbo SOHC

Do you have a project going or will you be starting a project here very soon and just want to keep a log of everything you and when? Share with everyone every step of the way what sort of progress you are making on your project.
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turbo SOHC

Post by StreetEviL » Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:02 pm

I made a little video of my neon after I put my peiced together turbo kit on. I'll post a moving video when I can get a chance. Oh yea, thats my lil' bro in the drivers seat.
The car is a 1998 dodge neon 5spd SOHC
MOD list:
Dohc carbon fiber hood
C/F tail lights
Weight reduction
Boost guage
Volt guage
Autometer tach
Modded DOHC intake manifold - polished
1995 camshaft
A/C and power steering removed
2005 valve cover
2000 half shaft modded throttle body
HKS SSQV BOV with gold fin insert
T3 Garret turbo
ceramic coated turbo manifold
SRT4 monster intercooler
2005 sxt neon 15" rims
8" Nexan radials on the front
BEGI 2025 RR FPR w/ return line
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
ACCEL 36LB injecters
Race motor mount inserts
Neon goodies ajustable booble strut
test pipe
side exhaust
Depo projecter headlights
Clear turn signals
TT Supra PCV valve
EGR block off kit
If I forget anything I will add it to the list
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Post by Ladi3sman55 » Sat Apr 19, 2008 6:49 pm

someone cut your bumper :shock:
not a big fan of the square tip on the exhaust..
The definition of a NEON
A great domestic compact car whose rapidly disappearing taillights are most typically seen through the windshields of Honda Civics, Chevy Cavaliers, and other assorted shitboxes.
According to Urban Dict. dot COM

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