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Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:06 am
by 2drSRT4
1genRTturbo wrote:
2drSRT4 wrote:That's AEM's new cold air intake. It hides in the back. Their old one went like an iceman.
uhm thats retarded of them. its just suckin up hot ass exhaust air.
Actually hot exhaust gasses are out of the tail pipe. The air sitting around the manifold is hot, yes, but the air underneath the master cylinder isn't as hot. In fact, if you blocked it off with some sort of metal plate and used some sort of weatherstripping-type sealant, then you will have a damn good intake kit. But it's still not as efficient as an iceman. A 3.0 tube is not as efficient as an iceman either. The iceman was developed with lots of research and development.