Neon takes 3rd Place in PTF at Nasa Championships

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Neon takes 3rd Place in PTF at Nasa Championships

Post by speedyg75 » Tue Sep 22, 2009 2:01 pm

Well the Greon had a good show at the NASA Championships at Miller Motorsport Park.

For the most part is was a very good week of racing. Blew the clutch in one of the qualifying races, but got it back on the track before the Championship race.

We entered in PTF to see how the car did as close to stock as we could get it.

Car set-up:
Engine/drivetrain: Balanced and Blue Printed engine using all stock components by Performance Driven, Stock intake (even the stock air box and snorkle) and throttle body, Completely Stock exhaust including Cat, Stock steel flywheel and stock clutch. We were just within the allowed HP/weight ratio allowed per the rules.

Suspension: Koni's with Performance Driven XX-High springs, Energy Suspension bushings

Tires: Hoosier

My goal was to show how competative the car can be with minimal modifications, primarily our springs.

We actually were in 4th for the PTE class.

Kumar Viswalingham did a great job of driving. He said the car handled great in the corners. It was a little under powered in the long straights, but we knew it would be since it was just a balanced a blueprinted engine. The goal was to showcase our chassis set-up.

Kumar was in second place gaining on first when a miata in PTE's engine let go and oiled the track. Kumar spun off to avoid other cars spinning on the track and the timing belt skipped a tooth in the process. Under powered from the skipped tooth he still managed a third place finish.

We are thinking keeping the suspension just the way it is and building a killer engine to take on either PTB or PTA in a Neon for 2010.

Suggestions on what class you would like to see the Greon in next year???
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