skunk2s and kybs

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skunk2s and kybs

Post by civiceater96 » Sun Oct 28, 2007 4:14 pm

is the skunk2 and kyb strut a good compo for autocross

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Post by Vinny » Sun Oct 28, 2007 8:54 pm

I would have to say no. KYB GR2s are basically a stock replacement, and Skunk 2 springs more than likely are a progressive rate which can make for unpredictable handling.

If you aren't going with coilovers, I would recommend using Koni struts with Mopar Performance high-rate springs. The high-rate springs have become harder to obtain than they once were, but they are out there, and regardless of what setup you get I highly recommend a linear rate spring.

Are you an Auto-X beginner? Is your car is still stock leave it that way and practice your driving in your car as is. As a beginner you will suck no matter hat you drive, not trying to dis, with only a few events under my belt I suck at auto-x too. :)
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Post by mtownneon » Tue Nov 13, 2007 1:04 pm

The Skunk2 pieces are lowering springs and all the info I pulled up on them tell me they are progressive rate. The other thing about the Skunk2's are that the offer too much drop(they're advertising 2" to 2.5" drop) for a competition Neon. We've found that Neon's like right around 1" of drop

Remember, Neons have fairly short suspension travel and if you go too far in drop, you'll be riding on the bump stops and not on the springs in the corners which will create some really unpredictable handling. Also, riding on the stops too much can damage the stops, struts, and bearing plates.

As far as the struts are concerned, the KYB's are a decent low cost strut, they just lack adjustability and are are valved on the soft side compared to a hardcore strut like Konis. The KYB's are valved to give more control with a stock or near stock spring rate.

Folks who are looking for a budget suspension up-grade, we usually reccomend KYB's with our linear High Rate or X-High Rate springs(exact same spring rates and drop as the defunct Mopar Performance springs) and Energy Suspension bushings. In addition, if the car is going to be autocrossed or HPDE'd, we will reccomend a larger Suspension Techiques rear sway bar.

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