neon VS honda?

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Post by Ghost Neon » Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:04 am

Ianguilly wrote:indy intake is a great intake from i've read
Depends on the application. AMM intake manifolds are more beneficial for an n/a neon, sohc or dohc. The indy on an n/a car is not going to yield the good results. Better off with a hand ported aluminum sohc intake manifold, or just stoch for now. A header is a good idea, along with an 3.94 mtx and an underdrive pulley.

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Post by 99dohcneo » Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:33 pm

Man all the hondas out here want to race me, what they do is talk shit then i say ok lets do it then when i blow by them and they get mad, they go tell there freinds all types of sad raw raw raw stories lol....... ive raced plenty of civics and never lost i ran a prelude i forget what year but its the long one with the accord looking tails but anyway i raced this guy from the jump 3 times and murderd him finaly he wanted to pull over and talk he was salty cuz he said he had 5 thousand put into the engine and this neon still ran the car was very nice and the engine bay was impressive but wateva..neo all day.......GSR civic my dude has one all hooked up he races it all the time and we went head up twice and ill say i get him untill i shift to 3rd then he pulls away, that why i want to hide a lil spray just for that 3rd gear in the lower rpm.....and he also has a 4 door si civic 2k1 same thing 3rd gear and he pulls away but that will change soon..... 8)
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Post by HondaHunter98 » Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:30 am

1.6 and 1.8's not that bad i manily watch out for the damn H22A's but being that most of the people i know are honda fans i know what every honda owner in my town has under the hood so i know who to race and who not
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