OBX diff/rebuilt trans group buy

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OBX diff/rebuilt trans group buy

Post by chipdogg » Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:13 pm

I've been in talks with Ed Peters about purchasing several new OBX diffs from OBX soon, but my cash flow is down from the recent acquisition of 35 transmissions and insulating my shop. I've been kicking around the idea of having a group buy up front to help fund the purchase of several OBX diffs.

I normally charge $1200 for a full rebuild, including all new bearings, seals, synchro fibrides, shift levers, and other various little components, also includes sandblasting the case and making it look new.

Obx diffs are selling on ebay for $480 or so with shipping and need to be modified to work properly, plus they need bearings and a speedo gear installed, which is another $40-50 from dealership, so you're looking at $530 or so plus modifying for one off ebay.

I'm thinking of having a group buy. Itd be $475 per obx with new bearings and speedo gear, modified, and shipped. Just gotta install it and shim the bearings. Would even include new axle seals. I'd need 5 guys for $475, 10 for $450.

Or a package with an obx installed in a rebuilt trans. 5 guys would be $1600 (or $1150 without the OBX, same price if you send a diff to install), 10 guys would be $1400 ($1050 without the OBX, same price if you send a diff to install). Includes shipping and everything, only a $150 core charge. I usually charge $300 for a core.

You'd be able to pick final drive (3.94 or 3.55), early or late (HD) gearing, and which 5th you want (.81 or .72). I can even mix the 3-4 and 1-2 around if you want early 1-2 gearing and late 3-4 Gearing with whichever 5th. Either bellhousing too, I have several of each.

I'd require full payment upfront, and delivery expected around February 1st. I'll need time to get the group buy setup and finished, buy the diffs, rebuild the transmissions, and get them ready to ship.

Later the price for a rebuilt trans with new obx in it will be around $1700 plus $300 core charge. So now if I get 10 guys, you can have one for $1550 including core charge if you don't want to send a trans back (can use the crate I ship yours in and send me the trans when you swap it).
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Post by northern » Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:01 pm

Whats the time line on the group buy?

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