aprox how much WHP

Have a question about how to make horsepower going the all motor route, here's where to ask it.
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Post by wickedgoodneon » Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:33 pm

SloUSDM20 wrote:
INVUJerry wrote:A stock SOHC dyno's around 120, you really think with a head, cam, intake mani, and header it'll only gain 10 HP?
not necessarily...my old stock SOHC w/ just a 55mm TB, 3.0 Intake and a Chikara header only put me at 110whp/125wtq

my semi built setup w/ Crane #12, Fidanza gear, ported intake mani, 55mm TB, 3.0 intake, Mopar PCM, same header, bigger cat, and OBX UDP, Summit racing turbo muffler, put me around 125whp/128wtq--siezed block

my High CR(10.4:1) SOHC setup w/ Crane #12, semi ported head and milled .030, all same mods as listed above w/ a DOHC block, Fidanza 2.1 clutch, put me at 127whp/125wtq--spun rod bearing

My last SOHC setup before the DOHC swap w/ Crane #14, fully ported and polished head, Mopar springs, 2001 block, Fidanza 2.1 clutch, same header, DOHC PCM, all same bolt ons, SAFC put me at 142whp/139wtq--spun rod bearing
whos building you engines??? you need to find someone else

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