318whp/313wtq SRT4 turbo'd 2.0L

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318whp/313wtq SRT4 turbo'd 2.0L

Post by dunny » Sun Jul 20, 2008 1:07 pm

I've posted this on a few other forums so I figured I'd throw it out here:


This was at 16 psi on a stock SRT4 turbo. Boost tapered to 13psi at redline (thus the drop in HP/TQ). Timing was conservative, AFR's in the mid 11's. Actually started the day at mid/high 12's for AFR and hit 329whp/325wtq but that was a bit too lean for me.

I'm currently blaming the drop in boost on the shitty stage 2 wastegate. Upon further inspection it looks that I have room to adjust it....it left it the same as when it was on my SRT4 and I completely forgot to try adjusting it. So I'm going to mess with it and see what happens....if it doesn't help I new one will be purchased soon and maybe another trip back to the dyno. I'd say I could get another 4psi out of it and hold 16-17psi to redline and pick up a nice amount of power. For now though I'm happy :D

A few videos:




http://dunawayphotography.com/jasongall ... itemId=817

The setup:

* worked SRT4 head with 2.0L cams (3 angle valve job, p&p)
* stock SRT4 turbofold with the o2 housing area opened up a bit
* SRT4 stage 2 wastegate (may go with agp version soon)
* 3" exhaust, starting at the o2 housing
* built 2.0L block with crowers/wiseco pistons
* new water pump, oil pump, timing belt (w/ mechanical tensior)
* precision 400whp intercooler
* SRT4 clutch
* SRT4 intake manifold
* 60mm jeep TB
* SRT4 stage 1 injectors
* 1:1 regulator, -6AN to and from tank, custom -6 rail
* walbro pump with custom feed mod (AN style)
* megasquirt v2.2, keeping stock ECU but controling fuel/timing with MS
* obx lsd
* lc-1 wideband

I took the wastegate off and adjusted it. Boost is spooling much quicker now. Seems that it was not closed long enough before. I was able to hit 18-20psi but it still was dropping off up top. I'll have to tweak it more to get the tune that I want.
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Post by spoo76 » Sat Feb 14, 2009 1:34 am

Old thread I know lol
But what was the weight of the car when you ran that 11.9?
my last neon was around 2280 last i weighed it, but I removed alot since
the current neon I'd like to get at 2000-2100 and keep as many interior panels as i can

I have a similar setup i need to assemble.
main differences are I'm using a 2.4 with SRT4 internals,using a 1st gen ported head with OS valves and it had crane #16s
Not sure how ideal the #16s are but i have a set of 2.0s as well
I think once i get a good on the MS i can see similar numbers

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Post by neon_freak » Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:29 am

the million dollar qestion is how did you get an srt-4 head to work on a 2.0? after 02, they are a differnt design
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Post by spoo76 » Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:02 am

Not really, You just need to fill and weld the oil hole shut and deck the head. Its been done by a few people
for the record that would need to be done for the early 2.4s not justs 2.0 blocks

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Post by Trev_Masta » Fri May 08, 2009 3:07 am

nice numbers. i'm hoping to get around the same area since we seem to have close to the same setup.

project log

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