Rebuild versus Buying Engine

This is the place to ask questions about your engine components like cams, valves, pistons? just anything that is generally "engine" specific.
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Rebuild versus Buying Engine

Post by Red97 » Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:21 pm

I sure it's probably been covered before, but my engine is dead. I'm trying to figure out what is the best thing to do. If I rebuild it then I know what work was done and how it was done. On the other hand, is it worth the time, money, and effort? Is it more or less expensive? Also, if I need a replacement engine does anybody know where to find an engine in Southern California (other than the dealer) for a good price.
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Post by mprtftr » Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:06 pm

I'm rebuilding mine (read ATTEMPTING to rebuild mine) just to get a better understanding of the mechanics of it. I'm goiing for that I DID THAT feeling when (and if) it turns over and starts when I'm done. As far as the cost factor goes, the average new crate engine costs around $3500 & up, probably more over in Cali. so it would probably be a lot cheaper for you to rebuild it. You can always try and locate a JASPER engine. I think they come with the stand 3 yr/ 36k mile warranty as long as you have an authorized dealer install it for you. Here's a starting point ......

Good luck on whatever you decide.
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Post by roysneon » Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:58 am

Exactly what is wrong with the engine? It could be an easy fix without a complete rebuild. If cost is a concern, a used engine would likely be your best bet. Second gen Neon engines up to 2002 drop right in (as long as you use all your 1gn manifolds and sensors) and can usually be found with lower miles.

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