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This is the place to ask questions about your engine components like cams, valves, pistons? just anything that is generally "engine" specific.
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Post by 99sport » Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:48 pm

this is my version of the 3.0 intake, its just an explanation of what it is and ill do a how-to when i finally make it. it would essentially be a knock-off ice man, but it would work just as good. anyways, here it goes.

my idea is to make a 3.0 intake like this one
but take another pipe about the same length as the little bumpy things(cant remember what there called) then take duct tape and fill in the space with the pipes so it is even with the tube. then lay fiberglass and let it dry. cut it in half after it dries to get it off, sand the inside smooth. put more fiberglass on the outside to hold the 2 halves together and after it dries, bondo it, sand it and paint it w/e color you want.

i guess this turned out to be a half-assed how-to, but when i make it, ill make a detailed one.

EDIT:oh yeah, and maybe make some kind of air box that has a tube going from it to the outside edge of the empty space in the bumper

this part
_____O) ( )

the ( ) is the fog light
and the O is the tube

kinda crude but its all i could do for now
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Post by 99_fly_by » Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:37 pm

that would be cool only id attempt to make the connecting pipe off the turn from the tb to be the same size as the rest of the pipe. good luck and let me know how it turns out
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