2.4 into 95 neon questions

Working on a DOHC or 2.4L swap, or maybe you have some other idea and have some questions? Feel free to ask them here...
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2.4 into 95 neon questions

Post by yarko » Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:06 pm

hey guys. i have a 95 SOHC neon. i have removed the engine. I have a 2001 PT 2.4 basically prepped and ready to go in. I have an enitre 98 RT for parts. I have a 98 Mopar computer as well. The part that is complicating me is the wiring harness. Maybe i am over thinking it. The harness fom the engine is straight forward, but, what am i supposed to do with the body harness in the 95. It has the big single plug for the computer. i want to use the 98 computer for the obvious benefits. SO...Do i just try to find a 95 computer to run it, or modify the harness(which seems like alot of work to change it all) or do i pull the entire harness out of the 95 and replace it with the 98 so i can use the mopar Pcm?? Is there anyone out there thats done a similar swap??
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Post by chipdogg » Sun Jun 29, 2008 4:45 pm

I'd find a 95 PCM. It's way too much work to swap/splice the body harness. That bitch goes all through the dash, under carpets, etc. No thanks.

Same goes for engine harness, there's way too many wires to swap over and just as easy to find a 95 PCM. My buddy actually has a 95 Mopar DOHC PCM for sale, almost brand new. He bought it new and sold his NYG two months later, but still has the PCM. $150 plus shipping.

95's are somewhat difficult to swap stuff into if you have a non-95 donor car.

To use the 95 SOHC harness, you'll have to extend the wires for the coolant temp sensor since the 2.4 has the coolant sensor over by the timing cover area on the intake manifold. You may also have to modify the length of wires going to the TB, you may not. Make sure you swap the outer coil pack wires (takes 3 minutes with a small screwdriver or a safety pin or the like, just pull them out of the plug at the coil and swap them). You can swap the injector wires as well but I never do. Cars always run great for me and I've done 4 2.4 swaps now, never touched the injector wires.
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