What about the slow speed of the HUAWEI router?

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What about the slow speed of the HUAWEI router?

Post by wangyueyue » Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:03 pm

First, the cable network slow measures are as follows:

1, check whether the line connection is normal, whether the use of the Gigabit net (8 core wire, 4 core for 100 megabytes), check the crystal head and the net mouth connection is good.

2. Check whether the speed limit function of the equipment has been opened. Login Competitive HD 720p/1080p Video Conferencing System Equipment web, in the "terminal management" page, to see whether the "network speed limit" is opened, if the opening of the proposed closure.

3, check whether the smart bandwidth function is opened, login the router web, and see if it is "fair competition" in the "smart bandwidth" page, and if it is the other mode, it is proposed to be "fair competition" first. In addition, if other modes are to be opened, it is also necessary to see whether the results of the velocity measurement and the actual bandwidth of the home have been all the time. If they do not agree, you can click "reset" to modify it.

4, it may be because the DNS server address of the computer is incorrect or the WAN interface maximum sending unit (MTU) is not appropriate. You can do it according to the following steps. Verify that the DNS server address of the computer is correct

1) click on the icon in the lower right corner of the desktop and select "open the network and share center".

2) click "change adapter settings". Right click local connection, select "property".

3) double-click the Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

4) confirm whether the computer is "automatically get the DNS Huawei 24 port 10g Ethernet Switch S6720-30C-EI-24S-AC address" or manually set the correct "preferred DNS server" and "standby DNS server".

5. Try to reset the MTU value of the WAN interface

MTU is the maximum transmission unit. The size of packets in the network is limited. The MTU default value of routers can be set up according to international standards to achieve maximum efficiency. However, some broadband service providers did not set the default value in accordance with international standards, making some larger packets unable to pass. Therefore, we can quickly solve this problem by reducing the MTU value. The specific methods are as follows:

1) the Web configuration interface of the logon router

2) enter the "I want to go to the Internet" page.

3) try to change the maximum transmission unit (MTU) value from default 1500 or 1492 to 1400 or less.

Two, slow Internet access, first compare the speed of the cable network is normal, if normal, start from below, if the cable is not normal, the cable network speed will be normal.

1, please place the GE/FE Fiber Optical Terminal Modem ONU in FTTH Business in a stable, ventilated, and non irradiated environment. The choice of open space, so that there is no barrier between the computer and the equipment, such as cement wall, wood wall and other barriers will affect the wireless network wireless signal transmission effect.

2, ensure that equipment and computers are away from electrical appliances with strong magnetic fields or strong electric fields, such as microwave ovens and so on.

3, try to modify the router's Wi-Fi channel (the best channel spacing with other Wi-Fi signals is more than 5) to reduce wireless crosstalk. Login router web, modify the WiFi channel on the "more function -Wi-Fi settings -WiFi advanced" page.

4, take the terminal equipment to the speed of 1-2 meters near the router.

5, you can try to modify the router's Wi-Fi mode to "through the wall mode". Login router web, modify the Wi-Fi power mode to "go through the wall" on the "my WiFi" page.

6, use the WiFi analyzer to check the network environment. If the surrounding interference is large, the "Wi-Fi bandwidth setting" is recommended to be modified to 20Mhz. Login router web, modify the "more function -Wi-Fi settings Low cost Huawei CMTS MA5633 DOCSIS3.0 DOCSIS3.1 advanced" page.

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Re: What about the slow speed of the HUAWEI router?

Post by buzai232 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:28 am

Solid or Stranded Conductor Cable

The development of global economy has brought the world closer and closer. And this connection owes to Ethernet cables–one of the most important connectivity devices. Ethernet cables are used to connect PC, switches and routers to transmit and receive data. To build reliable connection, it’s important to select the suitable cables for specific applications. So this article will guide you how to choose factory price appropriate cable categories from the side of cable structure–solid conductor or stranded conductor.

Copper Ethernet cables have the types of Cat 5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, etc. according to different specifications. Copper Ethernet cables can also be divided into solid and stranded conductor cables as to different cable constructions. The following will explain about these two kinds of cables in details.Solid conductor cables are made up of a single, solid conducting wire. Solid conductors usually consist of bare copper wires with diameter between 22 and 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge units). For example, the diameter of Cat 5e UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cables is 24AWG. The benefit of large wires is that they can provide superior electrical characteristics to keep stable over a wide range of frequencies. Therefore, solid cables are well suitable for high speed Ethernet applications.
Because of the large wire diameters, solid conductor cables have a lower DC resistance (The resistance is not good for signal transmission) and lower susceptibility to high frequency effects. This kind of cables can support longer distance transmission and higher data rates compared with stranded cables. But the large wire diameters also lead to disadvantages. The larger the core, the less inflexible the cable. If the cables were bent, they are very likely to be broken or affect the network performance.
Stranded conductor cables are very commonly used today. Inside the twisted pairs of stranded cables, each individual conductor is made up of a bundle of smaller-gauge wire strands. Generally six or seven strands are used to surround a single wire in the center. The outer strands are wrapped helically around the central wires. The stranded wires form a conductor with the similar diameter to a solid cable. But the conducting area is smaller than that of a solid cable due to the smaller diameters of each individual conducting wire strand.The stranding structure makes stranded cables flexible. Even though the cables are bent, cables can’t be easily harmed since each strand is independent of the entire strand. Let’s see how this works. When cables are bent, all individual strands are pulled towards the center. The total stresses are distributed to all the strands to minimize the stresses on the center conductor. As a result, cable conductors can get more supports if there are more twists to the wire strands.

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