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Second, you must let go of all the feelings that are trying to hide. Perhaps the reason why your partner is angry towards you is because you are keeping too much within yourself. You already made a decision to spend most of your time with this person. Thus, you should not keep this individual in the dark because that is not how a healthy relationship works.

Third, you must be ready to know what is wrong with your behavior. Maybe the reason why you are having problems with your partner is that you think that you are such as perfect individual. You know deep down inside you that this is not the truth. However, you are just afraid to acknowlegde it since you believe that the action would be a weakness on your part.

Actually, you will just have to get rid of your shy self. If you are someone who no longer has inhibitions, then talking with your counselor will already be a piece of cake for you. Thus, simply wear your heart on your sleeve. It is perfectly fine to be vulnerable and to admit that you do not have most of the answers with you.

On the other hand, you have to stay in full control of your feelings. Always keep in mind that emotions such as anger and resentment can be contained. You can calm down yourself with any method that is most suitable for you. You do not have to put your partner in the middle of your storm simply because that will really be unfair for the other party.

Moreover, you would have to be more secure of your feelings. You are required to love yourself even more. Keep in mind that if you would not appreciate everything about you, then no one else will. Love is something that you can easily attract once you have finally said to yourself that your happiness do not depend on another person.

If you are having trouble communicating your feelings towards your partner, then let your therapist show you how. Just keep an open mind during all of your sessions. This is the only way for you to absorb everything that has been given to you.

Lastly, rekindle the love. Do not let this person go. You have another chance with this therapy.

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