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from a Corporate Catering team that knows how to care for their clients.

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Paintball is fast becoming one of the most popular extreme sports in the world. It only started in the 1980?s but there is an estimated 5.4 million people playing the game with over 1.9 people playing at least 15 times during the year or more.

Games can be played either outside or inside and there is a variety of games that can be played. The object of most games is to eliminate the opponent or opposing team by hitting them with balls containing paint that are shot from a paintball gun or marker. The paint splat on the opponent?s person signifies that they are out and can no longer play.

Most games involve two or more teams that try to capture the opponent?s flag and bring it back to their starting position. Sounds easy , but it really isn?t. While trying to get to the flag you are bombarded by paintballs while hiding behind bunkers, trees, or what ever you can find. If you are hit , you can?t play anymore. Depending on the type of game you are playing games can run anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

The following are different styles of paintball games that can be played:

Woodsball is played in the woods where you can hide behind trees. There are basically 2 different types of games. One is Capture the Flag where you infiltrate the opponent?s base, take the flag and bring it back to your base. Strategies for taking the flag as well as protecting your own flag need to be developed. The other woodsball game is Elimination. This one doesn?t require fancy equipment or a flag. The idea is to be the last team standing wins.

Scenario Paintball is good for those that have an imagination or trying to develop one. Here you put together a story of something that has transpired and the game is based off the story. It?s sort of like an active Dungeon and Dragons thing. An example of a Scenario Paintball game is ? their has been a threat against the President and now you and your team must defend him against the plotting of a terrorist group. One team would be the Secret Service andor Homeland Security team and the other team would be the terrorist group. The US Army, Marines and some SWAT teams train using Scenario Paintball. These games can last from about 12 hours to several days. This is where the sport got the name ?extreme?. Scenario Paintball doesn?t work well in an indoor field but an outdoor one will do very nicely.

Speedball is played in Tournament games. This game is very fast paced and there is a limit in how much time you can spend. The field is different too. There are boundaries in a speedball field whereas the other two aforementioned games do not have any boundaries. The field in Speedball can be no bigger than half a football field. In this field are placed inflatable bunkers. Speedball is especially adaptable to indoor fields. Woodsball and Scenario speedball don?t have a lot of rules attached to them , what ever happens, happens. But Speedball has a host of rules and regulations to make sure the game is played fair. Certain equipment must be used and you can?t go out of that realm while playing speedball.

Stock Class Paintball is another style that only uses the old pump paintball guns that can?t hold more than 20 paintballs at a time. You can either play Capture the Flag or Elimination.

Join in the thousands who enjoy paintball and see what all the hype is about. You may be one of those thousands who plays the game more than 15 times a year.
When selecting a suitable flooring material for a home or commercial establishment, it is best to know both the pros and cons before purchase. Sales agents , vendors, and manufacturers often focus on the benefits of their products and downplay the negatives. When considering the use of cork floor, it is important to be aware of both the pros and cons of this eco friendly flooring material.
The foremost benefit of using cork is that it is an eco friendly flooring material. Cork is a naturally renewable and sustainable resource. Cork material is derived from the stripped top layer of bark from the cork oak tree. Its harvest is harmless to the tree itself ... ki-jersey/ , unlike other wood-based materials. For hardwood, whole forests are taken down during the harvesting seasons and it takes many years in order to replace the trees that have been used. The consistency and durability of a cork floor depend on the cork wood and other materials. The honeycomb-like structure of cork has millions of individual pockets that contain gas. These pockets allow cork board to withstand significant amounts of shock and impact. These pockets also allow cork board to easily compress and decompress when used as a flooring material. This provides a comfortable feel for the feet and the joints. Cork’s unique structure also makes it a good heat retention material, ideal for cold winter nights.
Cork is also permeated with a natural waxy component called Suberin. This substance enables cork to resist and repel mold , mildew and other bacteria that causes wood rot. Cork is water resistant so prolonged or extreme exposure to liquids will do less damage than to other hardwoods. A plus factor when cork is installed in areas such as a kitchen, basement or bathroom floors.
One con of cork of course is the cost. Depending on the manufacturer and quality of their cork product cork floors can run to the expensive side. However keep in mind that the better the quality of the cork product you use, the better durability and endurance the product will give in return. Another notable con of using cork is that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can bleach a cork surface. To preserve its color and shade , it is advisable to use high-quality windows that can protect cork flooring in the rooms where is installed.
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