How To: Phantom Grip Install

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How To: Phantom Grip Install

Post by infil » Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:34 pm

You need to drop the tranny to install the phantom grip.
To install it, remove the transaxle housing and set it bellhousing down on a piece of wood.
There are ten bolts i believe that hold the bell housing on, remove them and then using the 2 pry tabs(small notches in the case along the bellhousing/gearbox seam) gently walk the bell housing off. There is some anerobic sealant there which will make the halves not want to come apart, just be gentle but firm with it and it'll come apart.
Now lift the gearbox off of the bell housing once they are seperated, the differential will remain in the bellhousing. Simply pick it up and set it ring gear up.
There is a small hole in the back of the diff, through which you will need to drive out the roll pin with a punch.

This will allow you to remove the centershaft and install the phantom grip.

Be careful not to loose any of hte thrust washers in the spider housing.
This would also be an excellent time to install a PhantomGrip Diff Saver Diff Pin, or to have the differential welded. If you have the diff welded, do not reinstall the roll pin.

Slide the Phantom Grip into the differential and reinstall the centershaft.
Either set up some 2x4's or get a friend to hold the gearbox housing up while you clean the mating surface for the bell housing with some scotch brite, taking care not to get any large chunks of anything into the transaxle. Do the same on the bellhousing. Once the surfaces are clean and dry, set the differential in the gearbox half of the transaxle, and apply a bead of anerobic sealant(hondabond is excellent, available from your local honda dealership) or black RTV(the right stuff ultra black RTV is the only one i've found that will withstand gear oil for an extended period of time) around the sealing surface, taking care not to get any in the transaxle itself and reinstall the bell housing.

Walk the bolts down till they are snug, then torque to 22lb ft(i think, will check fsm when i locate it) and your good to go. By the time you have the transaxle reinstalled back in the vehicle, the sealant on the case halves will be set enough to hold up to the gear oil.
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Post by totlpaul » Thu Feb 22, 2007 9:33 pm

one other tip is to install mopar diff tabs i dont have a part numbe but the are for an automatic. the bolt to the ring gear and work wonders the are way better than welding and the PG diff savers..

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