led problems

Tracing a wiring issue, or maybe have questions regarding an aftermarket security system? Post any non-audio related electrical questions here.
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led problems

Post by projectneon1998 » Sat Dec 18, 2010 4:46 pm

ok i got alot leds hooked up in my car i hooked up but somthing is draining my battery i cant figure it out but i know its a slow drain it take 3 days to drain my battery if i dont drive the car for 3 days

this is what i got hooked up

first i have a box that has 4 switches on it i got from autozone

it has my leds fog lights on it and my washer leds

the i have 2 toggle switches with red led light on them

hooked up to one of thoes toggles is
8 inch led stripes

2 6led pods one in each front door

and 10 single leds in the heater ac vents and cup holders

and the other toggle has 4 door handle leds stripes

and i spliced leds in my k6 mirrors to my turn signals

my switch box and both toggle have a inline fuse between them and that battery

so can sombody tell me another way to hook them up so they all are off when the car is

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