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LFS Alternator Overdrive pulleys 65 shipped plus more info

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 2:38 pm
by Lorenzo
I just got the pulleys tested and anodized recently. They are approx 20 percent overdrive to the stock pulley. These pulleys are made from 2 inch material thus just under 2 inches when finished. They are made from 6061 Billet aluminum and finished in a CNC lathe to the exact specs of the stock pulley for a perfect fit without any issues. Pulleys are 65 dollars each and also free shipping on any UDP ONLY ORDER AS OF NOW via USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL! FOR US ONLY INCLUDING ALASKA AND HAWAII! When you are adding the item to the cart it will list shipping methods. For free shipping it will ship first class mail instead of the normal priority mail. So check first class if you want free shipping. CANADA WILL BE ONLY 2.50 more for shipping there. Any other places contact me for a quote!

When installing it on my car I noticed a few things to make it easier to install. Install took me approx 30 min to do with power tools taking my time. It's not hard but power tools help alot to get the nut off and back on. I also used a little bit of heat from a MAP gas torch and the pulley slips right on and tightened the nut up.

I used to get the headlight dimming when my Air or heat was on at a idle as well as the radio I do not get that anymore. Car is working great with the new pulley on it.

We went a extra step compared to previous ODP's and had them Type III Millennium Hardcoat Anodizing on the pulley which is Extremely hard, dense and wear resistant aluminum oxide. The coating is Harder than tool steels, and the coating has the Corrosion resistance of STAINLESS STEEL! This process will ensure the product lasts and doesn't get ripped to pieces in a short amount of time like some other pulleys have been known to do.

If you have a UDP on your car now it's easy to figure out the belt size you will need to install it with this pully. You need 1 inch shorter then what you already have on your car. When I installed it on my car I I used a 1 inch shorter belt and it worked perfectly. Check the archives post on here for information about belt sizes for whatever pulley you are using and just get one inch shorter.

If you have any other q's feel free to ask.

I will also be giving free shipping on anyone that orders a fuel rail and a ODP together IN THE US ONLY CANADA OR ANYOTHER COUNTRY CONTACT ME FOR A SHIPPING PRICE but will be reduced!

You can buy the pulleys right on the site at Just click on the first gen part and it will be the second item down in the list is the combo deal fuel rail and ODP for 204.99 with FREE SHIPPING and the Third item is just the ODP only for 65 shipped!


Belt size info below if anyone has a Megan racing UDP please e-mail me the belt sizes you are using for a SECOND GEN ONLY Both alt and PS/AC belts need to add those to the archives as well and list them in here. These are in the archives post but figured I would copy them to here as well since I am getting alot of q's about it.

Underdrive Pulley Belt Sizes
Lorenzo wrote:AFX UDP
95-99 Neons
Alt belt with Altenator ODP Dayco 5040295 Gates K040295
Cosmo Racing UDP
ALT BELT WITH LFSracing Altenator ODP Dayco 5040300 Gatorback 4040300

Altenator belt with LFSRACING Alt ODP Dayco 5040310

95-99 Neons
ALT belt with LFSRACING ODP 295K4 Dayco 5040295

Unorthodox Racing UDP
Altenator with LFSracing Alt ODP Dayco 5040310 Gates K040310

Megan UDP
mnmattie wrote: Megan UDP
Alt belt WITH LFSRACING ODP Dayco 5040310
Underdrive Pulley Belt Sizes
Lorenzo wrote: AFX UDP

2K Neons

Alt belt WITH LFS Racing Overdrive Alt Pulley



Alt belt WITH LFS Racing ODP 5040295

Unorthodox Racing UDP


Alt belt with LFS Racing ODP K040310


Re: LFS Alternator Overdrive pulleys 65 shipped plus more in

Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:55 pm
by Mike98RT01LE
Lorenzo wrote:
Still have these overdrive pulleys??

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:01 am
by Lorenzo
I actually still have very few left. I haven't made them in a long time but have a few as I stated price has since changed though as this was posted a very long time ago Heck it was posted in 2008 But anyways if your interested e-mail me LDECARIA at comcast dot net They are 85 shipped right now. If you want it just message me or send a paypal to the e-mail I posted and just make a note what it's for. I only have a few silver ones left. I could ship it monday as well if paid sometime tonight.