My car in black

Trying to get an idea how a certain wheel will look on your car, what it would look like lowered, or maybe you want something that?s completely off the wall. Post your requests here and someone will more than likely help you out.
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My car in black

Post by afireinside4848 » Sat Jan 12, 2008 2:44 pm

I'd like this in black,


Without the wing.

I tried myself with psp9 but couldn't get a shiny nice black.Can you do it with rims black,and rims red.
And a bit lower.

- Right now im pushing just a lil over 300 HP, thinking about upgrading turbo charger and putting a 6spd tranny in - LMFAO

- Only took 4 transmissions to make me relize I need to take it easy cause its just a neon -

99 5 Spd Neon R/t - DD
2.4L Turbo Project Neon Soon Under Way

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