Where do i rout the amp wireing kit?

Questions about Amps, headunits, speakers, subs, ect... Anything to do with audio, those questions all go here.
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Post by mahifish » Tue May 19, 2009 9:04 pm

98neon_r/t wrote:
mahifish wrote:
98neon_r/t wrote:
pettersen wrote:You won't get more out of you'r system running the same brand amp, the more powerful amp you run on you'r speakers the better it is, since it will control the speaker easier and you will get more dynamic sound. Ofcourse some brand's are better than others, so if you stick to the same quality brand's there is no problem in mix and match.

Saying you shouldn't mix and match because you think someone is so retarded that the first thing they do is to turn their gain to max, and burn the v'c, is just not a good argument.

100wrms in 2ohm is 100wrms in 2ohm, there is no difference between brand's unless they state a false wrms.
Cheap brand's have a tendence to state max watt in 1ohm, and the quality brands usually uses 2 or 4ohm, and state both max and wrms, and this is confusing for everyone who doesn't know to much about audio.
You guys I KNOW THIS. It's just that i'm trying to get someone not to fuck their shit up. It's just a rule i've learned by with car audio. He could always fuck with his speaker wire to increase the resistance and ect...but I'm just a firm believer sticking to my shit. If I have a 600w rms PA amp at 1ohm stable then you best believe there will be a sub on the other end of that that is a 600 rms PA at 1ohm. That's the best way to get the performance out of your sub. Give it EXACTLY what it needs.
He isnt going to mess his stuff up if he runs a different brand amp. A firm believer in sticking to your shit?....hmm that proves a valid point,

Dont cheap out on an amp. Ive always run alpine or JL amps. Never have had a problem with either one. I know a lot of people that go with no name cheapo amps and end up frying it less then a month later.
I never said he would mess his stuff up with a different brand. I just said if he goes and gets some big huge amp then most likely he will. If he want's to get all of the potential out of the sub he has then he should stay with the same brand and give it what it needs as far as Power Acoustik is concerned. Does that also mean that I can start puting Honda parts on my car? :shock:
No he needs to do the research on his sub and see what it runs at. You dont need the EXACT same brand and as a matter a fact I would suggest a different brand bc power acoustic amps arent the greatest. You honda comment is the most ignorant thing Ive read in awhile.

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Post by 98neon_r/t » Tue May 19, 2009 9:45 pm

What kind of power acoustik do you have? Brand?

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Post by 97_neon_SOHC » Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:54 pm

I have a power acoustik amp now but it isnt mine...the cyclone was SOL so i was loaned this one from my brothers frat bro.
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