use ledlights information

Have a question on outside appearance modifications. Questions about body kits, exterior lighting, just anything thats a visual mod on the "exterior" of the car. Ask those questions here.
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use ledlights information

Post by Goodspeed98 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:46 am

Wow, things certainly changed around here! This is my first post on the new board.

I am starting to tackle a lighting project for my STS, and would just like to share it with everone else. If all goes well, it should add some class (as if the car already does not have enough!) and flair to my Caddy, and maybe somebody will choose to do the same to theirs!

The idea I had was an LED replacement bulb, that would go in the place of the regular 1157 (dual wattage) lightbulbs around the car, just like transports are replacing their little round lights with LEDs. Sure enough, some internet research led me to several manufacturers of these little light bulbs. The one I'm chosing can be found here: (its the one called "Matrix"). The only thing is that I will have to add load resistors, since LEDs use 30 times less power than a regular bulb, and that would confuse the turn signal unit.:
These Matrix bulbs are the only ones I came across that aim some LEDs backwards, so that the light will reflect of of the inside of the tail light.
It won't be as intense as the Deville's tail lights in the end, but the LEDs will be more striking than the "slow" regular bulbs.

The other mod. to the lights I plan to do is the addition of a sequential turn signal unit, that will make the turn signals pan out to the sides of the car, instead of just flashing (Remember the T-birds and Cougars of the sixties?) I am puchasing this unit from . This should look pretty cool with the LEDs in place, but we'll see how it all works out.

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Post by racer12306 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:28 pm

What do you mean "things certainly changed around here?"

The site hasn't changed since it's inception.
Please PM or email me if you see any issues with the site.

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