Orgainizing a Neon meet for your area and would like to draw some more people to it from the surrounding areas. Know of a automotive event such as a car show, scca event, or track gathering.. Post it here, it doesn't matter what part of the country.
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Post by 99_fly_by » Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:17 am

ok all you guys from new england i have yet to ehar of any attempt at a meet, wether it be a full meet or even a mini meet....lets make it happen! meet in NH,MA,RI, or CT....DOESN'T MATTA! anyone who can help make this happen, let me know.
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Post by Kaegael » Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:04 pm

what part of mass are you from cuz im from fall river nd id love to have a sick little meet nd cruise
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